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Virtual Fax Service

EFAX is Drexel's replacement for traditional telephone fax applications.  It supports the secure sending and receiving of faxes by email, from any computer tablet or smart phone using your Drexel email account.
EFAX eliminates the need to support analog telephone lines, fax machines, and fax cards for printers/copiers. 
EFAX has been selected and vetted by Drexel IT and has successfully completed the University's Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) program through collaboration with Drexel IT,  Corporate Compliance and Privacy, and General Counsel.  Drexel's specially-secured EFAX applications enhances regulatory compliance and is approved for use with sensitive information, including HIPAA data. 
In the future EFAX will replace all traditional fax service. 
Each EFAX number must have at least one designated primary Operator or Customer of Record registered with Drexel IT Networking/Telecom, and optionally may identify a secondary Operator/Customer of Record.  These operators control departmental use of the EFAX service and can send and receive faxes directly from their Drexel email.  In cases where departments want to share fax service with a group the way multiple office occupants share a traditional fax machine, the departmental Operators can control access to an O365 shared mailbox.  
Using new or existing multi-function devices for transmitting faxes
Many existing printers and scanners can be configured to send faxes with the EFAX service.  In most case, if your MFP/MFC is already scanning to email, it can be configured to work with the EFAX service. 
Requirements for multi-function devices (i.e. printers, copiers, scanners):  The device must have a connection to the Drexel network and support sending documents by secure email using SMTPS (port 465) to Drexel’s gateway.  Drexel IT consulting staff can assist you in confirming eligibility and in initial configuration. 
Drexel users registered as operators for their designated EFAX  number,  or those accessing a shared EFAX O365 mailbox, do the following:
  •  Use your email application to create a new email message.
  •  In the TO field, enter the recipient’s fax telephone number followed by @EFAXSENDSECURE.COM.
  •  Enter telephone numbers starting with country code.  For example, for a US Fax number:  12158951234@EFAXSENDSECURE.COM.  (No leading "9",  no spaces, no dashes in the fax number.)  
  • Attach to your outgoing email message up to 10 files you want to fax (maximum 18MB).  Attach nothing to send only a cover page.
  • To include a custom message on your cover page, type the cover page text in the body of the email message. 
  •  Send the email. 


A fax transmitted to the Drexel EFAX telephone number (for which you are registered) is delivered securely to your O365 mailbox and to a shared O365 mailbox (if so configured).  The incoming fax is sent from the @INBOUND.EFAX.COM domain.  Incoming messages will not be marked with the "External" warning tag.  The message will include an image displaying the first page of the fax transmission document. The full body of the fax transmission will be included in the message as an attachment in PDF format.   Delivery receipts will be sent to your mailbox from the @MAIL.EFAX.COM domain and they too are  not be marked with the "External" warning tag.    Incoming faxes are only sent to secure O365 mailboxes and they cannot be delivered to multi-function printers and copiers. 

PRICING (FY20/21, subject to change)

For pricing, select a monthly pricing option based on your estimated maximum monthly usage for the total number of sent and received pages. 
In most cases you should start with the 100 or 250 page option. 
If actual usage  is consistently over your current plan, we will adjust your monthly plan up to the next higher plan.
 Monthly Recurring Charges
 Monthly price  for total pages sent and  received. (Domestic US and CANADA)
 $15,   up to 100 pages
 $30,   up to 250 pages
 $55,   up  to 500 pages
 $75,   up to 700 pages
 $100, up to 1000 pages
 One-time Charges
 $25, One-time Activation Charge
 $25, Cancellation charge
 $140, Cancellation FEE w/number recovery* (i.e. If you want to remove and re-assign (port-out)  the fax  number assigned to you.)
* Some numbers assigned may not be recoverable
Additional charges may be assessed for incoming or outgoing international (non-US or CA) faxes.
Note: No additional WebTelephone monthly dial-tone or usage charges will apply. You may request that your analog service be disconnected.



Send email to or call 215-895-6666 for more information or to order service.