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Drexel Connect

Drexel Connect provides a convenient way to access multiple Web services by signing in just once.

Students, faculty, and professional staff can connect with their Drexel account credentials. Once connected, you can access any Drexel Connect service—including DrexelOne, Drexel Learn, and IT Self Service (Remedyforce Knowledge Base)—without entering your credentials again.

Until you disconnect from Drexel Connect or close all of your browser windows, your computer will remain connected. When you are finished using these services, sign out of all services that are open in other tabs or windows and click the "Disconnect" button on the Drexel Connect page. This will prevent anyone else from accessing your accounts using an open session on that computer. For added protection, please close all browser windows (and quit the browser if it's still running), especially if other people have access to that computer.

Drexel Connect / DrexelOne Portal Sign-In Updates

Drexel Connect services require Multi-Factor Authentication at sign in.

Additional Information

What is Drexel Connect?

Drexel Connect is a single-sign-on site for Drexel web applications. It's like "Login with Facebook," but with your DrexelOne user ID and password. A "connected" browser is able to access any service protected by DrexelConnect – including DrexelOne, Blackboard Learn, and BannerWeb – without needing your password entered again.

Is Drexel Connect secure?

Yes, all interactions with Drexel Connect use the same kind of encryption that's used for online banking and e-commerce sites.

What's the difference between signing out of DrexelOne or Drexel Learn and disconnecting from Drexel Connect?

Signing out ends your session, but leaves your browser connected. While connected, the browser can, without asking for your password, start new sessions with any of the web applications protected by Drexel Connect. Once you disconnect, new sessions cannot be started (without your password), but any existing connections are still valid.

Do I need to close my browser after I sign out of a service?

In general, it's a good idea to sign out of a service when you are done working with it. When you are done working with a computer – particularly a computer in a public area – you should sign out of each service used and also disconnect. If you don't do both, an existing session or connection could still be available in an open browser, letting a stranger access systems that you signed in to.

If you consistently sign out and disconnect, you don't need to close your browser. However, we still recommend closing browser windows (and quitting the browser on a Mac) as an extra precaution against forgetting one of the other steps.

How can my department get our web apps linked to Drexel Connect?

Contact Drexel IT at We can discuss your potential participation in Drexel Connect and provide technical details about how the app may have to be changed to delegate authentication to Drexel Connect.

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