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New Alumni Services

Leaving Drexel as New Alumni – Class of 2024

Once classes are finished, you remain part of the Drexel family as alumni. The following section applies to our new graduates who are otherwise leaving the University (not continuing on for further studies, nor as employees or formal volunteers).

Drexel Email

As long as your account stays active, you will keep your Drexel Microsoft 365 email mailbox indefinitely. Your email address, however, will change to reflect your new relationship with the University.

  • Approximately one month after graduation, you'll get additional email addresses for this mailbox that end with are the addresses you should use going forward.
  • Old addresses will be removed one year* after graduation, so be sure to alert contacts that your email address will change. Also at that point, the sign-in procedure will change—details will be posted here and also sent to your Drexel email account as the time approaches.

Regarding your new addresses, please note the following:

  • We will set additional email addresses for your mailbox that end with There will be one corresponding to each address you already have ( and; and also if you set one up).
  • We will change the "send from" address for your mailbox to your new address. Email you send from your Drexel mailbox will appear to come from

Microsoft 365

Although email service will continue, other Microsoft 365 services end approximately one month after graduation. You might lose access to your OneDrive files at any point after this time. Please make copies of your OneDrive files as soon as possible so that you don't lose them.

You will also lose access to content stored in SharePoint and Teams. Save what you need prior to losing access.

OneDrive, Word, Excel, and the other Office apps are available to buy at


Alumni retain access to DrexelOne ( for one year* after graduation to look up records, request unofficial transcripts, etc.

Other Services

Access to campus resources such as lab computers, wireless network, and VPN is tentatively scheduled to end 30-90 days after graduation.

Alumni Relations

Drexel Alumni is proud to offer a variety of benefits, services, and discounts to alumni. All are offered as part of your membership, and we encourage you to take advantage of as many as you like! As always, membership is free of charge to Drexel graduates. Links and discount codes are provided here. To further enhance your experience, we offer additional benefits through the Alumni Card, which you can learn more about on our website.

Drexel Alumni Affinity Groups

Connect with fellow graduates through our diverse alumni groups, including Professional-Affinity Groups, Identity-Based Groups, Shared-Interest Groups, and College and School Alumni Networks. Engage in events or join a steering committee!

Dragon Network

Plus, explore the Dragon Network, Drexel University's online professional development community, to foster career connections and unite with Dragons worldwide. Find out more and download the app today!

Frequently-Asked Questions

If you have more questions about your accounts and new alumni status, please see the New Alumni FAQ.


*one year: The transition from new alumni services (including addresses and DrexelOne access) is planned for one year after graduation. Work is still in progress to allow this transition to happen, so there is a chance it could take longer than a year. It will definitely occur at some point, and you’ll receive an email notice beforehand in any case.

Continuing at the University after Graduation

Further Studies

If you are continuing as a student in a new program, your Drexel student computer account services will continue with no change.

Paid Employment

  • If you are continuing as a Drexel employee, your Drexel computer account becomes/remains an employee account. The main difference between student and employee accounts is that employees may not forward their email to another provider.
  • Because of the University's legal responsibility to protect institutional data, employee accounts are closed shortly after employment ends, whether or not the person is also a Drexel alumnus/alumna. Individuals in this situation may request a new, empty account.
    • If you have stored email that you wish to keep from your time as a student, you should copy or download it from your Drexel account before your employee position ends. (You must not, however, keep institutional information from your role as an employee.)

Formal Unpaid Positions (Non-Employee Associates)

  • The status of "non-employee associate" (NEA) in the University Human Resources (HR) system is a formal way of registering people who are participating in the University enterprise but are not paid by Drexel. Volunteer Faculty and Medical Residents are part of this group.
  • If you become a non-employee associate after graduation, you will keep your Drexel sign-in credentials and your access to DrexelOne.
  • As with paid employees, your account will be closed shortly after your non-employee associate position ends. You may request a new, empty account.

Returning to the University

  • The situation for alumni who leave and then come back in a new role is very similar to the one described above under "Continuing at the University after Graduation."

Information for Recent Graduates (Classes 2017-2023)

  • The planned access "for one year after graduation—with your addresses still working, and with access to DrexelOne—has continued much longer than one year. But the transition to the final alumni account state—with only the addresses—is still planned. We will send email to your Drexel address when we know the timing of the change.
  • Mostly, having this additional access longer than anticipated has been a welcome benefit; but there is one downside to be aware of. For security reasons, regular Drexel accounts get disabled, and eventually closed, if they remain inactive. (Alumni accounts in their final state are not subject to this restriction.)

Information for Earlier Graduates (Classes 2016 and Before)

  • Before 2017, alumni accounts were closed two years after graduation. Unless you've had another role at Drexel in the meantime, your old student account is gone.
  • For a period of time, Alumni Relations offered forwarding addresses that ended with If you have one of those, it is grandfathered in and functionality continues. For support with an existing forwarding address, contact, 215.895.ALUM.
  • We hope at some future point to set up new accounts upon request for past alumni, but that service is not yet available.