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Telephone Update for New College (NCB) and Bellet Buildings

Effective Monday, July 13, Drexel’s 215-762-nnnn phone numbers will now ring on the new Drexel University phones distributed last year.   
By noon, on July 13, incoming calls to Drexel’s 215-762-nnnn numbers will no longer ring on the old HUH PBX connected phones and instead will now ring on the new Drexel University phones.   During the last quarter of 2019, Drexel IT issued new Drexel University phones (with operating instructions) to replace the old HUH PBX phones in NCB and Bellet.  The old HUH phones were left in place, typically, along side the new Drexel phone because Drexel had not yet acquired ownership of the 215-762-nnnn numbers.  The change taking place on July 13th, is finally possible because Drexel was able to win ownership of the HUH 215-762-nnnn telephone numbers after a lengthy and complicated negotiation.   During the remainder of July and August,  the old phones will be removed from service (i.e.  shutdown and collected.)
Please contact the Drexel IT Network Operations Center if you have questions about this change or need  telephone assistance. 
Call 215-895-6666  or email

How does this impact those who were using the old HUH PBX Phones and their 215-762-nnnn telephone numbers in NCB and Bellet:

If you received a new Drexel University supported telephone (with a new 267-359-nnnn number) in NCB or Bellet Building during the last quarter of 2019 — this  information applies to you. 


If you are retrieving your telephone messages remotely from home, it’s now necessary that you retrieve them on the Drexel voicemail system.  If you haven’t previously set-up your voicemail (record your greeting and set a security code) you should do so now; however, callers can leave messages regardless if you set-up your voicemail.  


 Instructions for using voicemail can be found here: 


If you don’t know your replacement 267-359-nnnn number that was distributed with your new phone, you can  find it here  by matching it against your 215-762-nnnn number.  Or call the  Drexel IT Network Operations Center at  215-895-6666 (or email for assistance.  The NOC can help you identify your number and assist you in setting up your Drexel voicemail. 


Key Points and FAQ
 Effective Monday, July 13, incoming calls to Drexel 215-762-nnnn telephone numbers will ring only on the new Drexel Phones. 
These new phones, along with usage instructions were distributed during the last quarter of 2019 to the occupants of Bellet and NCB.  Each phone has a new 267-359-nnnn number assigned to it. 
 Also effective, Monday, July 13, you should no longer need to collect voice mail messages left on the HUH voice mail system. 
Since new calls to your 215-762-nnnn number will come to your Drexel phone, you only need to check your Drexel 267-359-nnnn mailbox to retrieve your messages. Please collect any messages left on the HUH PBX as soon as possible as that system may be shutdown. Call 215-762-6666 to collect your final HUH PBX voicemail messages remotely.
• How do I set-up or use my Drexel voicemail: 

• What if I don't know my new Drexel (267-359-nnnn) phone number?
Contact the Drexel IT Network Operations Center at 215-895-6666 or email for assistance. 
Or you can find it by matching it against your 215-762-nnnn number.
View telephone number mapping (Shared Excel document. Your Drexel credentials will be required for access). 
• What if I have a 215-762-nnnn phone number but I don't work in NCB or Bellet?
215-762-nnnn phone numbers on phones NOT located in NCB or Bellet  aren't connected to the HUH PBX and are not impacted by this announcement.

 How do you place a call to a 215-762-nnnn phone number from your Drexel phone? 
You will continue to dial  9+1+215+762-nnnn, as you have since last year when you first  received your new Drexel University phone.   
Four digit dialing to 215-762-nnnn numbers is not supported.
 If you had placed your HUH PBX phone on forwarding before you left campus for the Covid19 shift to work-at-home, your Drexel University phone was configured to forward to the same number.   
All other key appearances of your HUH PBX phone were also copied to your Drexel University phone. 
 What if you did not receive a new Drexel University phone?  
Contact the Drexel IT Network Operations Center at 215-895-6666 or email for assistance. 
 What if new Drexel University phones were distributed, but are no longer needed because of departmental changes or down sizing?   
Please contact the Drexel IT Network Operations Center at 215-895-6666 or email for assistance.  Arrangements will be made to collect these phones and monthly charges to your college or department will cease.   In these increasingly difficult fiscal times it is important to report any unused or unneeded phones to reduce the total expense to the University. 
• When looking at my new Drexel phone, how  do I learn its telephone number?
Each new Drexel phone that was deployed included usage instructions which included the new 267-359-nnnn phone number, and the number of the old 215-762-nnnn to be retired.
If you didn't retain these instructions, the last four digits of your new phone is also visible next to the green feature key located on the right-hand side of the phone.
• How do I a make calls using my Drexel phone in NCB and Bellet:
To make domestic calls Dial 9 + 1 + ten digit number (no authorization code is required). 
For example, to reach the President’s Office, dial 9 + 1 + 215 895 2100
In the event of an emergency or safety/security issue call 215-895-2222 or 911.

For example, to reach Drexel Public Safety, dial 9 + 1 + 215 895 2222.
For example, to reach the Philadelphia Police, dial 911.
Four digit dialing is possible only between other phones assigned  267-359-nnnn numbers. 

See Dialing Instructions for additional information. 

• How is FAX service to 215-762-nnnn numbers changing. 
 Fax service hasn't changed at this time.  However, later this month, faxes will be converted to an electronic fax service.  Fax operators will be contacted. 
For all other questions please don't hesitate to call the Drexel IT Network Operations Center at 215-895-6666 or email