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Tuition Exchange

The Tuition Exchange program is a reciprocal scholarship exchange program for eligible dependent children of faculty and professional staff. Over 600 U.S. colleges and universities participate in the Tuition Exchange program. Drexel will award up to 20 scholarships to dependents of full-time employees (10 faculty and 10 professional staff members) who wish to attend institutions other than Drexel that participate in the Tuition Exchange program. The scholarships are awarded to the faculty or professional staff members with the longest full time tenure, employed at Drexel University, Drexel University Online (DUO) and the Academy of Natural Sciences (ANS). In addition, up to 20 awards will be offered to children of employees from Tuition Exchange institutions wishing to attend Drexel University.

The Tuition Exchange program is administered by the Office of Human Resources and is coordinated with the Office of Enrollment Management to balance imports (students coming to Drexel) and exports (children of Drexel employees wishing to go to other Tuition Exchange schools).

Please review the appropriate tuition exchange policy for more information.

The Drexel Tuition Exchange program Liaison Officer is:

Gabby Maddaloni
Benefits & Budget Analyst

The Tuition Exchange Program Import Officers (for students coming to Drexel) are:

Melissa Pennestri
Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Enrollment Management & Student Success

Kevin Murray
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Enrollment Management & Student Success


To qualify for the Tuition Exchange scholarship a student must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Must qualify as a dependent of a current faculty or professional staff member who, prior to the first day of classes for the term for which Tuition Exchange benefits are sought, is in a full-time position and has served a minimum of five years of full-time employment at Drexel / DUO / ANS. Eligible children are defined as:
    1. Born to the Drexel / DUO / ANS employee;
    2. Adopted by the employee; or
    3. Have a Drexel / DUO / ANS employee as legal guardian prior to the beginning of the academic year.
  • Must be a first-time entering freshman to an institution that participates in Tuition Exchange.
  • Must have met the established requirements for admission to the participating Tuition Exchange institution.
  • Must, once admitted, continue to meet any existing requirements to maintain satisfactory academic progress at the participating Tuition Exchange institution.
  • Must not have reached his/her 25th birthday.

Application Process

The Tuition Exchange application is due to Drexel Human Resources via the Tuition Exchange Website by Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

The receipt of a Tuition Exchange program scholarship is dependent on:

  1. Admittance to the participating Tuition Exchange institution;
  2. Receipt of the Tuition Exchange program certification from Drexel's Office of Human Resources; and
  3. Officially selected for Tuition Exchange program award by Drexel University.

The student must submit an application for admission to the intended participating Tuition Exchange institution. Applications must be completed in accordance with each institution's admission requirements and procedures. This process occurs during the fall prior to the student's anticipated fall term of enrollment at a participating exchange institution. Visit the Tuition Exchange website for a list of the participating institutions. Each exchange institution determines its Tuition Exchange program policies and procedures. The Liaison Officers at the exchange institutions will notify the student that their application has been accepted or rejected for a Tuition Exchange scholarship.

In order to receive Tuition Exchange certification, the Drexel / DUO / ANS-employed parent or guardian of the student must submit a Tuition Exchange application to Drexel’s Office of the Human Resources via the Tuition Exchange Website. The application must be accompanied by three (3) years of tax returns. Financial information may be blacked out if preferred. After completing the application via the Tuition Exchange Website, please send the requested three (3) years of tax returns to Drexel Human Resources.

Certification Procedures

  • Being certified for the Tuition Exchange scholarship does not qualify a student for admission to a participating Tuition Exchange institution, nor does admission to a participating Tuition Exchange institution qualify a student for a Tuition Exchange scholarship.
  • If the number of eligible students applying for the Tuition Exchange scholarship is equal to or less than the certifications available, all students will be approved for Tuition Exchange certification.
  • In the event that more eligible students apply for the program than can be accommodated, applications will be rank-ordered according to each parent/guardian employee's length of service to Drexel. Eligible employees with the longest full-time service to Drexel will be certified first to apply for a Tuition Exchange scholarship.
  • If an eligible employee already has one dependent currently receiving a Tuition Exchange scholarship, any additional eligible dependents seeking Tuition Exchange will be ranked below the last eligible applicant until their sibling is no longer receiving Tuition Exchange.
  • In the case of multiple employees applying who have the same service date, decisions will be made based on an analysis of financial need. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted by each applicant. If an applicant prefers not to submit a FAFSA, their financial need will be unknown, and they will be ordered below those who did submit the form.
  • If an eligible employee has twins, only one child can be certified for Tuition Exchange.