Policies, Legal Requirements, and Cancellations

I. Agreement and Adherence to Terms

The event coordinator representing the event’s sponsoring organization is required to adhere to the below policies, instructions of Event Services and University regulations. Should policies be diverted, the hosting organization will be subject to the may result in additional fees, event cancellations, refusal of services or denial of future room reservations.

II. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Drexel University (DU) and Drexel University College of Medicine (DUCoM) facilities are used for purposes that are consistent with the University’s primary objectives of education, research, and student development; to ensure that space is available to appropriate outside groups; that all necessary costs, liabilities, and services associated with special events are addressed; and to ensure that these events do not interfere with normal academic and business operations. It is also to ensure the proper coordination of vendors and support staff and that all vendors and contractors meet the requirements of Purchasing and Risk Management.

III. Definitions

  1. “Student Organizations” refers to student organizations recognized by the DUCoM Student Affairs, DU Student Life.
  2. “University Departments” refers to departments of Drexel University, and Drexel University College of Medicine.
  3. “Co-Sponsored Events” are events involving non-affiliated groups with the sponsorship of a Student Organization or University Department.
  4. “Services” refers to the following:
    • non-standard furniture setup;
    • furniture / equipment rental;
    • custodial support;
    • coordination of A/V setup and/or support
    • guest parking when available;
    • additional security as determined by Drexel Public Safety;
    • use of buildings outside normal operating hours or guidelines;
    • space rental for external event coordinators;
    • transportation;
    • coordination of the Facilities Services.
  5. "Events” covered by this policy refers to the use of space for any organized activity outside regularly scheduled classes. A regularly scheduled class or meeting may be considered “an event” if it requires any of the services defined above
  6. “Event coordinator” refers the individual(s) designated by the sponsoring group who is responsible for the overall planning of the event. He/she is the main contact in reserving the space and requesting support from Facilities Services.
  7. “HS” = Health Sciences Campuses – Queen Lane Campus and Center City Campus
  8. “HSCO” = Health Sciences Campus Operations
  9. “DUCoM” = Drexel University College of Medicine
    “SPH” = Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health
    “CNHP” = College of Nursing and Health Professions
    “CC” = Center City Campus
    “QL” = Queen Lane Campus

IV. Fees

Prior to the event, event coordinators will be provided with a confirmation estimating costs of services, to be signed off by an authorized staff member with fund/org information 

V. Responsibilities

  1. Policies are enforced by Drexel University Department of Public Safety and Health Sciences Campus Operations.
  2. Event Coordinator’s Responsibilities
    • Inform Facilities Services of the specific event needs at least 10 business days prior to event. Failure to comply may result in additional fees, event cancellations, or refusal of services.
    • Disclose the purpose of the event and if it is sponsored or co-sponsored by an external group.
    • Ensure that all necessary contracts, insurance and notifications are provided.
    • Accept responsibility for any damage that occurs during the event.
    • Coordinate services directly with providers, such as, on-site event management, catering, audio Visual, parking, and transportation.
    • Follow all Drexel University Policies and Procedures as outlined in this document
  3. Facilities Services Responsibilities
    • Communicate policies and procedures to event coordinator.
    • Respond to requests for information in a timely manner.
    • Coordinate services for event needs
    • Inform the event coordinator of any requirements and charges as early as possible. Invoice event coordinator after event with final costs of services.

VI. Procedures

  1. Reservations
    • Event spaces at the Queen Lane Campus and Center City Campuses are booked through the Office of the University Registrar.
    • To reserve event space on one of the Health Sciences Campuses, please see the step-by-step instructions to Make A Reservation.
    • For inquiries or follow-up regarding the scheduling of your event, please contact the Office of the University Registrar by calling 215.762.1442 or email ccrooms@drexel.edu.
    • When booking space, it is the responsibility of event coordinator to estimate the amount of cushion time needed before and after event to arrange the room as requested and/or setup catering, rentals and audio visual needs. Event Services can assist with the time estimation and will attempt to coordinate with the University Registrar to comply with setup requirements.
    • The classroom schedule is developed, giving priority to Drexel’s educational programs and classes; therefore, the University Registrar cannot book classroom space until the classroom schedule is uploaded. This process allows only a small window, at the beginning of each semester and quarter, to schedule programs in academic space.
    • The event coordinator should not plan, promote or invite guests until a confirmation is received reserving event space.
  2. Compliance with University Legal Requirements
    • All buildings are smoke free.
    • Open flames, including those for catering dishes, are prohibited in campus facilities. Electric hot plates are permitted with disclosure to Facilities Services and Public Safety. Drexel University Fire Safety reserves the right to terminate the use of any heating devices deemed “unsafe” in Drexel facilities.
    • A written contract, including a Certificate of Insurance (COI) or a Hold Harmless Agreement.
    • All outside vendors (i.e. rental companies, production companies and caterers) must provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) 10 business days prior to event, to be filed by Event Services. The COI must meet the DU/DUCoM requirements for general liability, auto, workers’ compensation and excessive liability.
    • For events at Queen Lane Campus, please list Drexel University and DUCoM as additionally insured
    • For Center City Campus events, please list Drexel University College of Medicine as additionally insured.
  3. Alcohol
    To serve alcohol, the event coordinator must review policies and submit Alcohol Request Form [PDF] for approval 10 business days in advance of event. Please review the appropriate Alcohol Request Form and sign upon agreement.
  4. Media
    All contact with the media must be coordinated through the College of Medicine’s Office of Communications or Drexel University’s Division of University Marketing and Communications.
  5. Government Officials
    The event coordinator should contact the Office of Government and Community Relations when an event involves any elected or formerly-elected government official.

VII. Facility Use

University facilities must not be used for commercial programs, for personal profit or unauthorized fundraising activities. The use of university facilities may be denied if the activities interfere with the philosophy, mission or goals of Drexel University.

VIII. Cancellations

Meeting with no service requirements - 2 business days in advance Events/Meeting in major program space - 14 business days in advance

Failure to meet these deadlines will result in costs associated with arranging the event/meeting.

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