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Step-by-Step Instructions: Reserving Event Space at a Health Sciences Campus

All event space at the Health Sciences Campuses serve as classroom space and is reserved through the Office of the University Registrar. Please follow the below process to schedule your event space at the Health Sciences Campuses at least ten business days in advance:

  1. Agree to Event Policies
    Before moving forward in the process, please agree to the terms outlined in the Health Sciences Event Services Policies & Cancellations
  2. Choose a preferred event space
    Please review the capacity and standard setup of each space:
  3. Check availability of event space – Campus Scheduling
    Please select Scheduling Calendars, then select Grid view by Day, before selecting the appropriate Calendar from the dropdown menu located to the right.
  4. Request Event Space
    Please read the instruction material regarding Astra Schedule before following links to request space. When requesting please make use of the radio buttons and notes fields to provide specific preferred event space, special needs, alternate room setup, audio visual needs, catering/food services, alcohol service and necessary cushion time for setup and breakdown of these services.
  5. Request submitted but not confirmed – Event Planning Should Await Confirmation
    Please await a confirmation from the University Registrar’s Office that your space has been reserved. As all event space doubles as classroom space, each request is carefully analyzed by the Office of the Registrar, granting priority to educational programming over events. All event requests may be subject to alternative timing, dates and/or locations.
  6. Event Space Reservation Request is Confirmed
    A Reservation Confirmation will be sent by email. Please review reservation details for accuracy and contact the Office of the University Registrar immediately for any necessary alterations at 215-762-1442. If a request cannot be accommodated as specified, the Registrar will work with you to make alternate reservations.
  7. Contact Event Services to Begin Planning Logistics
    Upon Reservation Confirmation, you may coordinate event logistics and promote the event to the public. Review information regarding Facilities, Services, and Rates for your specific event campus.

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