Credit Overload Policy

Undergraduate students who wish to enroll in more than 20 credits (the maximum number of credits allowed in a term) need official permission from the College of Engineering.

Any credits registered over 20 will be billed on a per-credit basis. Questions about the financial impact of enrolling in 21+ credits should be directed to Drexel Central.

Students who wish to take more than 20 credits must meet the guidelines outlined below:

  • Cannot be first term freshman
  • Must be in Good Academic Standing
  • Must have a GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • Must have a valid academic reason to take over 20 credits
  • In accordance with the Course Program of Study Policy (CPoS), taking more than 20 credits must not impact ability to maintain full time credit load (12 credits) during future class terms.

To request a credit overload, a student must:

  1. send a written appeal to their academic advisor that includes:
    1. academic reasoning for the request
    2. explicit acknowledgement of their understanding of per credit charges over 20 credits
  2. The advisor will consult with the Director of Student Services who will make the final decision
    1. Appeals on the decision can be made to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Effective May 1, 2022