MS Requirements Prior to 2022

These course requirements are for students who started the MS in Mechanical Engineering prior to Fall 2022.

Mathematics courses (required)

9 Credits (3 courses) Grade of “C” or better is required

Core Area courses (required)

12 Credits (2 course in an Area, plus 2 courses in a second Area) Grade of “B” or better is required

Technical elective courses

24 Credits (8 courses) Grade of “C” or better is required


45 Credits (15 courses)

Complete 8 elective courses:

  • Students can take all 8 electives from MEM graduate courses. Any MEM graduate course is eligible to serve as electives. This includes those core courses that you do not use as core course, but use as elective courses. This also includes MEM699 Independent Study and Research, and MEM898 Master’s Thesis.
  • If students do not want to take all 8 elective technical courses from MEM, they may take a maximum of 4 non-MEM courses. Each non-MEM course to be used as technical elective needs be approved by listing it on the Plan of Study (GR-1 form) and the Graduate Advisor signing the form to approve it. To ensure you will receive the MSME degree, please consult with the Graduate Advisor before taking non-MEM graduate courses.
    Graduate courses of 500 level from these 4 College of Engineering Departments (CAE, CBE, ECE and MSE) are automatically approved to serve as non-MEM technical elective courses.
  • Students with engineering management in their career goal may choose to take one or more courses from Engineering Management (EGMT) as electives. The EGMT department offers their courses in online format.

Independent Study, Research and Thesis Option

  • Students may register for MEM699 Independent Study and Research (3 credits per term) to serve as electives.
  • Students on the thesis-option typically register for MEM898 “Master’s Thesis” for 3 terms, and they count as 3 elective courses. You can use up to 9 credits of Independent Study and up to 9 credits of thesis toward your elective degree requirements.

Complete the Applied Math sequence:

Take the 3 courses in the applied math sequence for MEM students (MEM591, MEM592, MEM593 in Fall, Winter, Spring respectively). For students with strong mathematics skills, each course can be taken independently of the rest, without needing to follow in sequence. In special circumstances, certain graduate courses from the Mathematics department can be approved as equivalences to substitute for MEM591, MEM 592 or MEM 593 in the Plan of Study. Please consult with the Graduate Advisor for details.

Core Courses

Complete the two core-course sequences, each from a DIFFERENT core area:

A core-course sequence is formed by two courses from an eligible course list. We have many core-course sequences in 4 core areas to choose from.

The two required core course sequences need be from two different areas (There are four areas: Mechanics, Thermal & Fluid Sciences, Systems & Control, and Design & Manufacturing. At present, there are a total of 9 core course sequences from these 4 areas.)



Solid Mechanics

MEM 663, MEM660

Advanced Dynamics

MEM 666, MEM 667

Thermal & Fluid Sciences

Advanced Thermodynamics

MEM 601, MEM 602

Heat Transfer

Any two from MEM 611, MEM 612, MEM 613

Fluid Mechanics

MEM 621, MEM 622

Systems & Control

Robust Control Systems

MEM 633, MEM 634

Non-linear Control Theory

MEM 636, MEM 637

Real Time Microcomputer Control

MEM 639, MEM 640

Design & Manufacturing


Any two from MEM 687, MEM 688, MEM 617

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