MS Curriculum Update

Fall 2022 MS Curriculum Update

Revised requirements outlined below will apply only to students entering the MS in Mechanical Engineering program in Fall of 2022 and later. Students who entered the program earlier should see pre-2022 requirements.

For course descriptions, please refer to the Course Catalog unless otherwise indicated.

Core Courses

12 credits (4 courses) from any of the following three Selected Cores. At minimum, one two-course sequence, as grouped by A, B, C, D (or two of three in the case of 2B) must be taken from any of these Selected Cores.

Applied Analytical Methods courses (6 credits)

  • MEM 591 Applied Engineering Analysis Methods I (3 Credits)
  • MEM 592 Applied Engineering Analysis Methods II or
  • MEM 593 Applied Engineering Analysis Methods III
  • (3 Credits) Selection Depends On The Student's Interests Or Needs In Research

Technical elective courses (27 credits)

  • 6 credits (2 courses) must be from MEM (5xx or higher)
  • 21 credits (7 courses) can include up to 9 credits of independent study/research


27 Elective Credits

  • 6 Credits (2 courses) must be from MEM (5xx or higher).
  • 21 credits (7 courses) can include up to 9 credits of independent study/research.


MEM 898 + Elective Credits

  • A minimum of 9 and up to 15 credits of Master's Thesis (MEM 898) taken with a Faculty Advisor.
  • At least 12 and up to 18 credits (two of which must be from MEM 5xx or higher).

Your graduate advisor and faculty will guide your course selection and scheduling of core and elective courses.