5.1 Forms required for a Master of Science (MS)

GR-1 [PDF] Plan of Study Graduate Advisor Before the 3rd term of studies
GR-2 [PDF] Clearance Graduate Advisor Term of graduation
GR-2A [PDF[ Clearance for Thesis (1) Graduate Advisor Term of graduation

MS students graduating with a thesis should visit the forms webpage of Office of Graduate Studies to download the Thesis Approval Form and Completion Form.

5.2 Forms required for a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The Office of Graduate Studies has a forms webpage where students can download the university forms for graduate students. In particular, the sequential Doctoral Program Forms (D-Forms) will guide students step-by-step through the procedural requirements of the Ph.D. process.

Doctoral Program Forms (D1 to D5)

  • Form D-1: Plan of Study and Supervising Professor Appointment
  • Form D-2: Doctoral Candidacy Examination Report
  • Form D-2A: Doctoral Candidacy Examination Member Report
  • Form D-3: Dissertation Advisory Committee Appointment
  • Form D-3A: Dissertation Proposal
  • Form D-3B: Annual Review of Doctoral Candidates
  • Form D-4: Ph.D. Final Oral Defense Committee Appointment and Schedule
  • Form D-5: Report of Ph.D. Final Oral Defense Committee

Graduation Forms

  • Thesis Approval Form
  • Completion Form
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates
  • Drexel PhD Exit survey
  • Dissertation Checklist