Drexel Air Resources Research Laboratory

Research Areas

Drexel Air Resources Research Laboratory (DARRL)

The Drexel Air Resources Research Laboratory (DARRL) is a collaborative research group focused on understanding air quality indoors and out. Using state-of-the-art instrumentation, researchers in DARRL probe the chemical composition of the gas and particle phase to better understand sources, transformations, and chemical reactions of compounds suspended in the air we breathe. Outdoor research in DARRL is focused on the role of aerosol particles in air quality and climate, as well as the impact of unconventional resource development on regional air quality in Pennsylvania. Indoor DARRL research has focused on indoor generation of aerosols through a variety of chemical processes and subsequent building occupant exposure, as well as developing smart building ventilation practices. Lastly, examining the interaction between outdoor and indoor air quality is a unifying theme in DARRL's research portfolio.

Research Goals

The goal of DARRL is the full understanding of indoor and outdoor air quality to identify and design rational mitigation measures to protect human health and the environment.


Faculty: Dr. Peter DeCarloDr. Michael Waring

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