Message from the Department Head

Michael Waring
Michael Waring

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (CAEE) at Drexel University. CAEE is the public face of engineering, dealing with projects and design solutions that are most often encountered in the civic sphere, including the best management of our cities, infrastructure, energy, water, and air.

We are a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to developing innovative solutions to some of the most pressing societal problems of our time, such as climate change, sustainability, and resilience. Our three undergraduate degree options introduce students to fundamental and applied concepts of CAEE through a combination of experiences in the classroom, laboratory, innovation and design studios, cooperative learning six-month internships (co-ops), and a capstone senior design project.

Civil engineering students advance our surrounding infrastructure including structural, geotechnical, water, transportation, or environmental systems, and also manage construction projects. Architectural engineering students specialize in the design, construction, and operation of our buildings, with a focus on structural system design, mechanical system and thermal/air design, or use of digital tools in building design and construction projects. Environmental engineering students are trained to manage and protect our ecosystems, as well as improve health, with applications in water resources, treatment processes, human risk and exposure, environmental modeling, and air quality. Upon finishing one of our accredited programs, our CAEE graduates secure exciting and dynamic industry positions, or they attend graduate school with many options for attendance or fellowships.

We also have robust faculty and graduate student research activities, which are a cornerstone of our department. Our graduate programs offer options for flexible MS curricula, as well as deep research training in our PhD programs. Faculty research activities range in type from basic scientific discovery all the way to improving technological systems in CAEE. For example, we research advanced materials, geomaterials, natural hazards and soils, earthquake resilience, structural health monitoring, responsive infrastructure, building energy efficiency, human-building interactions, urban metabolism, thermal comfort, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), ventilation, indoor and outdoor air quality, water quality and resources, green infrastructure, environmental microbiology and biotechnology, and risk and life cycle analysis.

Thank you for your interest in Drexel CAEE. On behalf of the entire department, I welcome you to learn more and join our dynamic and innovative community!

Michael Waring
Professor and Department Head

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