Mission, Vision, Values


The Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Department at Drexel University:

  • Educates global leaders in engineering who are prepared to apply principles of social, ecological and economic sustainability, critical thinking skills and systems analysis to the development of solutions to engineering problems of local, regional and global significance.
  • Educates scholars prepared to advance knowledge and practice and invent new technologies, policies, and systems in critical areas of civil, architectural and environmental engineering (CAEE) and to recognize essential connections between engineering and social, economic, ecological and political domains
  • Innovates its curricula, research, and service to identify and address current and future societal challenges
  • Creates and disseminates knowledge at the forefront of the CAEE disciplines
  • Maintains a continuing connection with the practice of the CAEE disciplines in all its activities, and fosters that connection in those we educate
  • Contributes knowledge to the communities engaged in designing, operating and maintaining and improving built infrastructure and the environment, and conserving resources.


The department vision is to be recognized as a leader in innovation in education, scholarship, application and service in CAEE.  We will be a department that encourages creativity, collaboration, collegiality, a balance between theory and practice, high ethical standards, and openness in all that we do.  We will be adaptive by using periodic reflection to evolve our activities.  We seek to perform research and educate students to meet current challenges and to anticipate future challenges and develop strategies to resolve them.


  • Maintain the highest ethical standards in all our endeavors
  • Ensure that an ongoing and pervasive quest for quality informs our actions
  • Provide a supportive environment for innovation in all aspects of what we do
  • Maintain a strong culture supportive of inter/multi/trans/disciplinarity
  • Support an environment which is welcoming and encouraging to students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds and perspectives
  • Foster engagement in the multiple communities that intersect us (local, national, international, lay and professional)

Approved October 5 2012