Internship and Capstone Opportunities

Would you like to have our graduate students intern or complete their Capstone Projects at your organization?

The College of Computing & Informatics welcomes organizations to incorporate our excellent students into appropriate opportunities to help enhance their academic experience.

Please note: employers who are interested in participating in Drexel University's Cooperative Education Program or advertising full-time/part-time positions should contact the Steinbright Career Development Center. Please visit our Career Resources page to learn more.

The Capstone Project provides a closer connection to information work to ensure that library and information science students have practical work experience by the time they graduate and are prepared to enter the workforce at a professional level. For capstone projects, library and information science master’s students will work 10 hours per week for eight weeks, either in person or on virtual projects. Students will receive course credit toward their degrees. Capstone relationships must be developed between the College and a point of contact at your organization.

Project dates should align with the University academic calendar: fall (September to December), winter (January to March), spring (April to June), or summer (July to August). Capstone placement will be available starting the summer of 2018. If you have capstone opportunities before summer 2018, please submit your request as an internship instead.

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