Community-based Librarianship Certificate Funding Opportunities

IMLS Fellowship

The IMLS fellowship covers tuition and fees for three CBL courses (students must cover any additional costs). The IMLS fellowship will be awarded to newly-accepted Fall CBL or MSI in LIS students who are committed to the highest standards of funding and professional activities, and to the development of a community climate that supports diversity, equity and inclusion. CCI will award the fellowship to six new students each Fall term. Students must maintain University academic standing criteria for continued fellowship support. IMLS Fellowship students are not eligible for CCI Tuition Discounts during their status as a fellow.

CBL Fellowship

The CBL Fellowship is offered by the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) at Drexel, and will be awarded to 10 or more new students accepted to the Community-based Librarianship Certificate for Fall term. The CBL Fellowship will be awarded once per new student and covers tuition for one course only; students must cover fees and additional costs of attendance. CBL Fellowship students are eligible and encouraged to apply for CCI Tuition Discounts.

CCI Tuition Discounts

All CCI students are eligible for up to a 25% discount on tuition for Fall or Spring admission terms. This incentive is not combinable with other incentives or fellowships unless specifically noted. CCI students who join the American Library Association (ALA) or Webjunction’s Crossroads newsletter may receive partner tuition benefits. For a list of discount partners, please visit Drexel's Online Partnerships webpage. If you have joined a partner organization or would like assistance in joining in order to obtain a discount, please contact your assigned admissions contact or Graduate Advisor.

Selection Process and Deadline

By answering the following questions, you are applying for both Fellowships. Selections will be based on accepted students’ academic and professional qualifications. Preference will be given to applicants with strong current or planned professional work relationships with community-based groups, and those who self-identify as underrepresented minorities. In the CBL questionnaire, please be ready to provide answers to the following questions:

  1. How does your current or planned future work support community information needs? (Be sure to describe the community you serve or plan to serve and your relationship to it.)
  2. Why are you interested in pursuing the CBL certificate? More specifically, how would the CBL certificate advance your professional goals?

For full consideration, fall Community-based Librarianship (CBL) Certificate or MS in Information (MSI) program applicants must be accepted into the CBL or MSI program by July 1, 2021. The award committee will review all funding applications and make the awards to accepted students after July 1, 2021. CCI applicants may apply here for IMLS Fellowship or CBL Fellowship. NOTE: Applicants will need to apply for CBL program through the University and then provide their Drexel ID number in the following questionnaire:


For CBL admissions, fellowship or funding questions, please contact