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Apply to the Master's in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program today at the College of Computing & Informatics. The deadlines for Fall 2022 are Saturday, August 27, 2022 for Domestic On-Campus Students; Monday, June 13, 2022 for International On-Campus Students; and Monday, August 22, 2022 for all Online Students (Domestic and International).

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Looking for a graduate education to fit your unique career aspirations and goals? Drexel CCI’s stackable certificate format allows you to tailor your academic journey to your specific interests – and busy schedule. Under this flexible, modular format, students who complete three graduate certificates can apply their certificate credits to earn a full master’s degree. Students without prior technical knowledge may be required to complete pre-requisite certificates for computing-related master’s degrees. Visit our Graduate Programs Tool to explore different certificate combinations.

Drexel’s 45-credit Master of Science (MS) in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (MSAIML) program offers students an opportunity to learn a variety of foundational, computational and applied topics in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Drexel's Master’s in AI and Machine Learning provides students with core knowledge in algorithms, mathematics and applications, that can be applied, immediately in the professional workplace, or used as a launching point for more in-depth and expansive knowledge or specialized careers in the field. As such, this graduate program in Machine Learning & AI is ideal for professionals who are interested in building on their existing quantitative skills to become leaders in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As one of a few select academic colleges across the nation that houses computer science and information science under one roof, the College of Computing & Informatics offers a cross-disciplinary, hands-on education to prepare students to meet industry demands for artificial intelligence and machine learning skills in order to prepare students for future careers in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Master's in AI & Machine Learning Program Features

  • Explores the discipline's fundamental mathematics, developing related tools, and applying AI and ML to various real-world problems
  • Coursework covers a broad, interdisciplinary range of topics, including data science, both theoretical and applied artificial intelligence and machine learning, mathematics and algorithms for artificial intelligence and machine learning, and domain-specific applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Taught by CCI’s world-class faculty who have active research experience in machine learning, computer vision, game AI, data science, cognitive science, high-performance computing, software engineering, applied machine learning in gaming, and applied machine learning in security
  • Students have the option to pursue a dual degree program combining the MSAIML with any other CCI graduate degree program

Master’s in AI & Machine Learning Program Requirements

  • A completed application for the masters in artificial intelligence online program or on-campus program.
  • A four-year bachelor's degree or Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related STEM degree plus work experience equal to Drexel CS Post-Baccalaureate certificate.
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher, in a completed degree program, bachelor’s degree or above is required for the masters in AI.
  • Official final transcripts from ALL Colleges/Universities attended.
  • For International students and domestic students below a 3.0 GPA: Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores (scores must be five years old or less) are recommended.
  • One (1) letter of recommendation are required. Two (2) are suggested.
  • Essay/Statement of Purpose.
  • Current Resume.
  • Pre-requisites for all graduate level programs: computer requirements and skills
  • Additional requirements for International Students.

Take the Master's of Science in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Courses Part Time or Full Time

  • Courses are offered both on campus and online
  • Full-time students should complete the program in two years, but you can take up to three years to complete masters in artificial intelligence requirements 
  • Working professionals can complete a part time masters in artificial intelligence by taking advantage of flexible schedules, with courses offered in the late afternoon and/or evening to better fit their busy lifestyle

MS in AI & Machine Learning Curriculum

A master’s in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) coursework explores the artificial intelligence and machine learning field’s fundamental mathematics, while enabling students to develop related tools and apply AI and ML to various real-world problems.In the Machine Learning & AI masters program, students first learn AI and ML foundational concepts in completing five core required courses. Then, students may choose ten electives to further enrich their degree, while gaining hands-on experience with state-of-the-art tools and systems, and working with real datasets.

The program culminates in a collaborative team capstone project, providing students with real-world practice in the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts before graduation.

This interdisciplinary, 45-credit, 15-course program includes:

  • Five required core courses;
  • Three elective courses, one within each of the following focal areas: Data Science and Analytics, Foundations of Computation and Algorithms, or Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;
  • Seven free elective courses may be selected from the above focal areas or Computer Science Department-approved courses;
  • A capstone course: students work in teams to pursue an in-depth, multi-term capstone project applying computing and informatics knowledge in an artificial intelligence project, spanning two quarters (6 credits).

Sample Courses in the MS in AI & Machine Learning Program:

  • CS 510 Artificial Intelligence: Well-formed problems; state spaces and search spaces; Lisp and functional programming; uninformed search; heuristic search; stochastic search; knowledge representation; propositional logic; first-order logic; predicate calculus; planning; partial order planning; hierarchical planning.

  • CS 613 Machine Learning: This course covers the fundamentals of modern statistical machine learning. Lectures will cover fundamental aspects of machine learning, including dimensionality reduction, overfitting, ensemble learning, and evaluation techniques, as well as the theoretical foundation and algorithmic details of representative topics within clustering, regression, and classification (for example, K-Means clustering, Support Vector Machines, Decision Trees, Linear and Logistic Regression, Neural Networks, among others). Students will be expected to perform theoretical derivations and computations, and to be able to implement algorithms from scratch. The course will conclude with a final project and presentation on a machine learning problem of their choosing.

  • CS 615 Deep Learning: Introduces a machine learning technique called deep learning and its applications, as well as core machine learning concepts such as data set, evaluation, overfitting, regularization and more. Covers neural network building blocks: linear and logistic regression, followed by shallow artificial neural networks and a variety of deep networks algorithms and their derivations. Includes implementation of algorithms and usage of existing machine learning libraries. Explores the usage of deep learning on a variety of problems including image classification, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Concludes with student-chosen project demonstrations accompanied by a conference-style paper.

  • CS 591-592 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capstone I–II (6 credits, two courses): Explores artificial intelligence in practice as an open-ended team activity. Initiates and completes an in-depth multi-term capstone study applying computing and informatics knowledge in an artificial intelligence project. Teams work to develop a significant product with advisors from industry and/or academia. Explores artificial intelligence-related issues and challenges involved in the application domain of the team’s choice. Applies a development process structure for project planning, specification, design, implementation, evaluation, and documentation.

Please visit Drexel's Graduate Catalog for course requirements and to view a sample plan of study, course descriptions, and the list of approved electives for this program (to see course descriptions, please click on the course number under "Degree Requirements"). To find out when courses are offered, please visit Drexel's Term Master Schedule.

AI & Machine Learning Certificate Options

The MS in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning graduate certificate requires incoming students to have some prior math and programming concepts. For those without a computer science background, the Graduate Certificate in Computer Science provides an efficient and systematic education on the basics of computer science without any prerequisite knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The certificate program may be stacked with other CCI graduate certificates to customize your master's program, and/or serve as an on-ramp to the MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, MS in Computer Science, or MS in Software Engineering programs, if completed with predetermined grade requirements. Students who advance to the MSAIML program from a completed Drexel Graduate Certificate in Computer Science will be given the option of transferring up to 12 credits from their certificate towards their master’s in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence degree.

For those working in the tech field who are seeking to broaden or update their professional skills, Drexel CCI offers a Graduate Certificate Program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

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