Diversity in Tech Steering Committee & DEI Council Mission and Vision


CCI’s Diversity in Tech Steering Committee and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council is committed to building an environment of open communication and mutual respect for all members of the CCI community. We believe in promoting DEI by emphasizing the importance of (1) focusing on pedagogy, learning and professional development, (2) creating and reviewing policies, procedures, and programming, (3) connecting students, faculty and professional staff with relevant resources, and (4) defining and implementing diversity in tech initiatives to address topics related to DEI within all CCI academic and administrative units. Our commitment is the shared responsibility of students, professional staff and faculty, and must be supported and guided by all levels of CCI leadership.


Our vision is to nurture an inclusive community for learning and working where differences are valued, and each person is supported and empowered to reach their full potential, making CCI a powerful enabler of an equitable and just society. CCI aspires to approach DEI as a continuous process by creating, implementing and sustaining a college-wide culture that understands DEI are essential to the College’s mission and continued excellence.