Meet the Members of Drexel CCI's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

Photo of Will Ahern wearing sunglasses 

Will Ahern - Professional Staff
Will Uh-hern

Fun fact about Will: I love Halloween and take my costumes very seriously!

Bio: I've been working in higher ed with diverse groups of students for over 12 years, and it's important to me that we are doing everything we can to ensure each student feels not only safe, but that their differences and identities are valued and celebrated. Our strength is in our uniqueness!

Photo of Muneera Cadersa

Muneera Cadersa - Undergraduate Student & DEI Council Coordinator

Fun fact about Muneera: I hiked Yosemite National Park alone this past summer.

Bio: As a senior majoring in data science and mathematics, my college journey commenced with a distinctive perspective: I stood as the sole woman in my class pursuing data science as a major. As a Muslim Brown Hijabi and a first-generation woman in tech, I swiftly discerned the stark underrepresentation of individuals with similar backgrounds in the tech industry. This realization fueled my determination to surmount obstacles and carve my own path in this predominantly male-dominated field. Beyond grappling with gender bias, I've encountered a plethora of stereotypes linked to my culture, presenting challenges both in my academic pursuits and professional endeavors. Now, as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Coordinator, I am committed to not only championing equality and justice but also being a resounding voice for other women and minorities in tech who continually strive to make their voices heard. I firmly believe that opportunities in tech should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of gender, identity, race, or color. In this role, my dual objective is to empower individuals in tech to pursue their aspirations while actively contributing to the establishment of a more just and inclusive space within the tech community. By fostering an environment that embraces diversity, equality, and justice, I aspire to facilitate not only personal growth but also collective advancement, making a lasting impact on the culture of our community at CCI.

 Samantha Coccerino

Samantha Coccerino - Professional Staff
Suh-man-thuh Co-chu-ree-no

Bio: I am the Program Coordinator for Strategic Initiatives at CCI. I have a background in student affairs. I am interested in working with students to design a space of belonging for all members of the CCI community. 

Photo of Karen DeVose 

Karen DeVose, EdD - Professional Staff

Fun fact about Karen: A twin and my family have over 15 set of twins.

Bio: I joined to council to work with likeminded individuals to move the needle of DEI. As a first-generation, and BIPOC it is important to engage in councils that work toward improving experiences of all students in higher education.


Chantelle Faria 


Chantelle Faria - Undergraduate Student
chan-tell Far-e-a

Fun fact about Chantelle: I am a personal assistant to an aerospace engineer who runs Reinvented Magazine, a non-profit, where I volunteer as part of the marketing team and proudly hold the title of 2023 Volunteer of the Year.

Bio: I am Chantelle Faria, a second-year Information Systems major. I was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, my family and I relocated to Philadelphia in 2016, seeking a better quality of life and access to higher education. As a female first-generation college student, my personal journey navigating the challenges of being an immigrant has instilled in me a profound awareness of the importance of inclusivity and equal opportunities. Joining the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) council is my way of standing up against injustices and advocating for a more equitable educational environment. My unique experiences underscore the significance of fostering an inclusive space that recognizes and embraces the strengths of every student, irrespective of their background. Every student has a distinct journey, and their experiences and perspectives matter. I am committed to working collaboratively to amplify underrepresented voices, challenge stereotypes, and ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to succeed. Together, let's foster an environment that celebrates diversity and supports the unique paths of each student.

 Photo of Marie Fazio

Marie Fazio - Professional Staff
Ma-ree Faa-zio

Bio: As a first generation college student in Philadelphia, I had the opportunity to meet people of all different races, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. I thought I understood diversity. It was not until I started in my role at Drexel and later received my master's degree that I realized I had so much more to learn about inclusion, diversity, equity and access. The work has been eye opening and rewarding. I am honored and privileged to be a part of this inaugural Council. I have learned so much from the Council members, especially the students, already. Their commitment and passion for making CCI a community of belonging will help to propel our College as a leader within Drexel. We look forward to forming meaningful connections with students, faculty and professional staff across the College.

Alla Fedosenko   

Alla Fedosenko - Professional Staff
Ah-La Fed-O-sanko

Bio: I am passionate about building an inclusive community where all people feel heard, valued and like they belong. As a professional devoted to providing support to the community and Drexel students, there is not a day that goes by where I am not interacting with people of all different backgrounds, experiences and mindsets. Personal experiences and the stories of others has shown me that the world lacks the ability to handle diversity with maturity, and equity remains on the back burner. I am thrilled to take part in Drexel’s CCI DEI Council to celebrate diversity, bring awareness and act against community systematic injustices. I joined the DEI Council because I want to contribute to the mission of cultivating a DEI campus where all students, staff and faculty feel supported, and no one is left feeling alone or unsafe.

Caroline Fritz   

Caroline Fritz - Professional Staff
kAIR-uh-lin Frihts

Bio: I am CCI’s director of finance and administration and have been at the college for over 10 years. Prior to that, I worked for several migration-related think tanks and advocacy groups. My father is from the US, my mother from Ecuador, and I was raised all over Latin America until moving to the US my junior year of high school. Commonly described as a “third culture kid,” I often felt caught between two worlds, not fully belonging in either. This experience has made me value the importance of living in a diverse community and of the constant need to push towards social justice, equity and inclusion. I am excited to serve on the Council and committed to creating a truly supportive environment for our students, faculty and professional staff that embraces, and is strengthened by, the diversity of our experiences.

Photo of Robb Hall

Robert Hall - Undergraduate Student

Fun fact about Robb: I was an aircraft mechanic before returning to school to change careers.

Bio: Hello, I am Robb Hall. I am a senior studying CST while also working full time as a security analyst at Jefferson Health. I currently serve in the PA National Guard as a Sergeant/Team-Chief and have a background in both aviation maintenance as well as HAZMAT & mass casualty response. I believe that diversity is one of America's greatest strengths and it should be valued, nurtured, and grown - in all aspects of our culture. Having served 10+ years in the military, I have grown to realize that diversity of background and diversity of thought within a military unit was one of its greatest strengths and the largest indicator of a unit that was most fit to accomplish this mission. I believe that this can and should be considered the same for the greater public workforce and for institutions of thought and learning, such as Drexel.


Antonia Hannon 


Antonia Hannon - Professional Staff
Anne-tone-ee-ah Han-in

Fun fact about Antonia: I have Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune disease but also means I can't eat gluten, wheat, barley, rye, etc.

Bio: As someone working in higher education, I want to recognize that the higher education landscape was originally built for one type of person, and it needs to change systemically for the diverse community that it now houses. I want to amplify voices that advocate for equity, inclusion, and belonging; and help make the changes necessary to make sure everyone is included, represented and accommodated.


Shahin Jabbari 


Shahin Jabbari, PhD - Faculty Member
[sh ah h ee n]

Fun fact about Shahin: I have been to over 15 National Parks in the past few years!

Bio: I am an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department where I study the societal aspects of automated decision making. I was born and raised in Iran and personally experienced many of the challenges that immigrants (especially from the Middle East) face while living in the US. I am looking forward to being part of the council where I plan to work on increasing the diversity in our PhD admissions (where I am a committee member) as well as help promote an environment in the college that is supportive of historically under-represented students who are interested in pursuing careers in technology.

Daniel Moix 

Daniel Moix - Faculty Member
[ m oy kh s ]

Fun fact about Daniel: I can type 100+ words per minute while holding an ice cream cone

Bio: I am excited to join the DEI Council so I can learn from and about our students while helping out as needed!

Tyler Montgomery 

Tyler Montgomery - Professional Staff
TIE-lur Mont-GUM-UH-ree

Fun fact about Tyler: I am a nondenominational wedding officiant - call me for your wedding, funeral, and spiritual counseling needs! I've married five couples so far.

Bio: After being raised in Georgia and then moving to Pennsylvania in my adolescence, I became interested in the juxtaposition between the cultures of the American North & South. In my personal and professional life, I celebrate the increasingly multicultural and intersectional world we live in. On campus, I look forward to assisting with the facilitation of a culture of learning and acceptance within CCI and Drexel as a whole.

 Evan O'Garro

Evan O'Garro - Professional Staff
Any pronouns

Fun fact about Evan: I love indie game design and hope to publish at least a few of the games floating around in my noggin!

Bio: North Jersey born and raised, but fell hard and fast for Philadelphia! I'm a lover of the arts, anything pertaining to cats, and analysis videos for games I've never played. DEI speaks to me as a person who struggled finishing their higher education, and now that I'm in a place where I can offer a kind voice and a helping hand to students, helping facilitate a college that is better equipped to take care of all of the different people that walk through its halls is another step forward!




Alexis Pinto - Professional Staff
Uh-Lehk-Sihs Pihn-Toh

Fun fact about Alexis: I danced Ballet Folklórico (Mexican folk dance) for five years during High School & College.

Bio: Originally from both San Diego, California and Tijuana, B.C., Mexico. Graduating as a first-generation student from a predominantly white institution (PWI) such as the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), I understand the importance of representation and support in higher education. It is very important to me to create a welcoming and diverse environment for everyone and continue to expand my knowledge on the different communities that I work with. I want to continue to provide that same support and welcoming environment to all faculty, professional staff and students in CCI and their intersectional identities so that they may feel seen and have their concerns addressed.

Alex H. Poole 

Alex H. Poole, PhD - Faculty Member
Al-eks Pool

Bio: I am an associate professor at the College of Computing & Informatics. Much of my research centers on DEIA work; I am particularly interested in exploring race, ethnicity and gender in the context of information practices. I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with my Council colleagues in this vital area.

 Vanessa Rodriquez

Vanessa Rodriquez - Professional Staff

Fun fact about Vanessa: I have two dogs!

Bio: I am a young female, new to CCI. I would like to be a part of this Council to not only make sure there is Hispanic representation but to also learn and keep myself involved with other cultures. I also enjoy planning and organizing. I plan on making sure everyone is represented in a respectful way, while also making CCI a safe and welcoming environment.

Photo of Michelle Rogers

Michelle Rogers, PhD - Faculty Member

Fun fact about Michelle: I played cymbals in the marching band in college for one year.

Bio: The DEI council is important to me because the College needs to demonstrate how it is committed to all its students. That usually includes engaging students in the best way that meets their specific needs in ways that they can take advantage of all that the College has to offer in order for them to be successful. I want to be able to support the council in the best way that is needed whether it be by connecting the college to resources or helping students get engaged.


Vishnupriya Thokala 


Vishnupriya Thokala - Graduate Student

Fun fact about Vishnupriya: I was a volleyball enthusiast and a member of the girls' team in college.

Bio: As an international student, I've cherished the moments spent interacting with peers from diverse backgrounds, broadening my worldview and deepening my appreciation for different cultures. I also firmly believe that every student deserves to feel a sense of belonging, which can pave the way for them to excel. My goal in joining the DEI council is to further strengthen and celebrate the inclusive culture at CCI, ensuring all voices feel valued and heard.

Photo of Xena the cat

Casey Turner, PhD - Professional Staff
kay-see ter-ner

Bio: I believe in the Vulcan philosophy of IDIC — Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations — that leads to truth and beauty. I'm a member of DEI to help in any way to support and advance that vision of diversity and inclusion.