Web Project Requests

Request and Approval Criteria

University Marketing & Communications will help you determine if your content qualifies for inclusion in the content management system and where it should live, based on these factors:

Is your project approved?

All requested projects must have the approval of the senior leadership of the requester’s administrative or academic unit.

Is there is enough content?

Lack of content will prevent a new website from being approved. A website must have enough content to justify a navigational structure to qualify as a free-standing website.

Is there already a logical home for this content?

All of the University’s web content should be logically organized and easily found by the intended audience. In some cases, this means that content should be created in an existing site rather than a new stand-alone site. Site creation approval is not dictated by a unit’s marketing efforts, publications, or upcoming events.

Is your organization an official Drexel entity conducting University business?

The CMS is required for use by Drexel colleges, schools, centers, institutes, departments, offices, and certain programs or initiatives. Organizations in which the University is a participating member may or may not be approved for a website; with determining factors including, degree of participation, permanence, and the overall benefit to the University.


The following are not approved for inclusion in the CMS:

Research Projects

The University does not provide a centralized resource for faculty and students needing websites for finite research-based projects. This includes lab websites, grant-based research sites and faculty profile sites.

Student Organizations

Student groups should contact the Office of Campus Activities to inquire about website hosting options.

Personal Web Space

Students, faculty, and staff seeking personal websites or pages should explore DUNX1 Personal Web Pages provided by the Office of Information Technology.

Event-based Websites

Promotional sites for events, campaigns or initiatives typically should be housed within the site of the organizing unit.

Websites not hosted in the University’s official CMS must still adhere to branding, accessibility and editorial standards.

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For new web site requests or questions about initiating a new web project contact Web Support: websupport@drexel.edu

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