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Quote-gradient University Marketing & Communications aligns its efforts to protect and elevate Drexel’s reputation in ways that drive recruitment, nurture pride and attachment, and advance leadership priorities. 

Whether in classrooms or co-op spaces, in research labs indoors or on the field, or in communities nearby or across the globe, Drexel University’s faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends are making an unquestionable impact—each with a compelling story to tell.

Drexel’s Division of University Marketing & Communications is the central, comprehensive communications and marketing department for the University that emphasizes results-driven strategic thinking, innovation, and creativity while crafting surround-sound strategies to effectively reach every intended audience. University Marketing & Communications supports communicators across Drexel to tell stories clearly, consistently, and engagingly. Composed of an award-winning, diverse staff of media professionals, graphic designers, writers, digital architects, marketers, social media experts and more, University Marketing & Communications sets the tone for communicators throughout the University, cultivates Drexel’s brand identity and reputation to the world, and serves as the primary source for information about Drexel.