Digital & Web Strategy

Drexel’s emphasis on innovation and the cutting edge is foundational – and our use of digital channels of communication is demonstrative of that commitment. We see the draw of the digital space as a place for conversation and use it for more than just programmatic banners. It becomes a reflection of our brand, an extension of Drexel’s voices individually and institutionally.


When creating a new website project, we carefully consider goals, audience, platform, and design to create seamless digital experiences.
Drexel University Website

Project Details

Audience: Current and prospective students, their families, alumni, external partners, influencers, and the media
Type: Enterprise
Launch date: March 1, 2022


The Coresite, the internal name for the latest major redesign of, initiated in 2017 and launched in early 2022. This massive undertaking was not only a new content strategy and look for Drexel's homepage, core website, and news center, but it also came with a major software update and migration of this content to the latest version of the university’s content management system, Sitecore.

The new platform features a modular design system with flexible components and layout options, enabling content authors at the university to more effectively reach prospective students, families, faculty, professional staff, and strategic partners. The new website creates a refined brand experience to better represent Drexel’s R1 status, rigorous academics, and thought leadership in experiential education.

Drexels President Report Webpage

Project Details

Audience: Current and prospective students, their families, alumni, external partners, influencers, and the media
Type: Administrative
Launch date: Every October

President's Report

The President's Report highlights the endeavors undertaken by Drexel faculty, professional staff, and students during the past year — work that distinguishes the University as a place for leadership in student success, academics, experiential learning, research, and community engagement. In 2019, the President's Report website was redesigned to reflect the 100th anniversary of the Drexel co-op program and the core initiatives that the University serves, including stronger research, creating an academically selective campus, and more engagement with strategic external partners. The new site design integrated current news stories to support these core initiatives, as well as a unique interactive scrolling feature making the website more dynamic and interesting.

Drexels Student Life website

Project Details

Audience: Current and prospective students, and their families
Type: Administrative
Launch date: February 28, 2022

Student Life

The Student Life website was chosen as the sample administrative site for the Sitecore upgrade from version 7.5 to 10. The migration also included a revamp of the site's architecture to move away from a site organized by departments to better reflect the how students and their families think about student life. Notably, Housing content was integrated with Residential Living. In September 2023 we extensively reworked the Academic Resource Center to reflect this new center's mission to provide students with an integrated hub of on-campus academic support services. Finally, in December 2023, we migrated the stand-alone First-Year Experience website into Student Life.

Drexels Steinbright Career Development Website

Project Details

Audience: Current and prospective students, and their families; and prospective employers of co-op students and graduating students
Type: Administrative
Launch date: August 1, 2023

Steinbright Career Development Center

The Steinbright Career Development (SCDC) website was a migration from webedit to Sitecore Gold, with minor adjustments to the site's global navigation to reduce the number of main categories to five items and better align that content for the needs of different audiences — undergraduate and graduate students, as well as prospective employers. The migration also resulted in enhanced functionality on Sitecore Gold — the first Sitecore form, a simple event listing, and improvements to the Link Listing component.

Organic and Paid Social Media

Created for our entire audience, organic social media advertisements communicate valuable information about Drexel while keeping our brand top of mind for people at varying levels of familiarity.
Mobile phones displaying digital ads


Created for multiple audiences, Drexel’s email campaigns ensure that the most frequent form of outreach accurately represents the brand values.
tablet and phone displaying a digital mockup

Display Advertising

Created for prospective students, web banners creates a persistent awareness of the Drexel brand and promotes specific programs.
Laptop displaying digital campaign

Online Resources

Created for prospective online students, these digital flyers present Drexel’s variety of online programs in a clear and appealing way.
Brochure designs

Paid Social Media

Created for prospective students, the paid social campaigns leverage the frequent use of social media by our target audience to create familiarity with our brand and promote specific programs.
Mobile phones depicting social media ads