Drexels Branding

Branding and Identity

The University's brand and identity are essential elements to how we externally communicate to various audiences. 

Drexel's brand and visual identity have been built up over time. With all great brands, we have achieved this by creating standards for usage that are reflected and represented throughout our materials. Our brand sets us apart from competitors and creates a viewpoint of Drexel in the consumer mindset. Brand equity takes a while to achieve and build, and can easily be tarnished, so it's important to maintain a set of rules for our faculty, professional staff, and administration to follow to protect and nurture what we've worked so hard to create.

Please refer to Drexel's Brand Identity Website for guidelines on using logotypes, fonts, layouts, best practices, and typographic standards for consistency across all marketing materials and the web.

Drexel's Brand Identity Website

Please refer to our Experience Drexel brand guide for campaign-specific messaging guidelines, brand identity standards, imagery best practices, downloadable campaign materials, and so much more. 

The Experience Drexel Brand Guide