Niki Gianakaris
Vice President, Strategic Communications
Britt Faulstick Headshot
Britt Faulstick
Executive Director, News & Media Relations
News & Media Relations
Sonja Sherwood headshot
Sonja Sherwood
Executive Director, Internal Communications & Publications
Internal Communications & Publications

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications ensures an integrated pipeline of brand journalism, internal communications and media outreach content that collectively lays the foundation for the University’s overall marketing and branding strategies. Strategic Communications is also responsible for leading the University’s issues management and crisis communications response. The group comprises: Internal Communications & Publications, News & Media Relations, and Executive Communications. 

News & Media Relations

The News & Media Relations team elevates brand and reputational awareness of the University by highlighting faculty expertise and research, and promoting newsworthy stories to mainstream news media. The team works with deans and other senior University leaders to translate and communicate academic research, service accomplishments and faculty expertise shared with the University community to the general public via news media. News & Media Relations also works to protect the University’s brand by managing issues and crisis communications. The News & Media Relations team also considers external filming requests on behalf of the University.

Internal Communications & Publications

The Internal Communications & Publications team deploys owned media in traditional and digital channels and a data-driven understanding of Drexel’s audiences to create cohesive storytelling that highlights Drexel’s academic strengths and research achievements, while emphasizing the value and potential of the experiential education model. Through inspiring stories and engaging content, the team brings Drexel’s value proposition to life, revealing a University on the rise that inspires pride among alumni and attracts students, employees, donors and partners. 

Executive Communications

Executive Communications positions key administrators as thought leaders through opinion pieces, raises the University’s profile and ensures a timely and responsive voice of leadership.