Part of the Philadelphia community since 1891, we know a little something about maintaining tradition while adapting with the times. You can see this in our traditional print collateral, which speak to dozens of modern and disaffected audiences. They need a breadth of appeal while keeping the brand strong and communicating who we are to these groups; It’s not enough to just get into their hands, these print pieces are designed to get into their memories through vibrant colors, innovative formats and peerless storytelling.

Admit Packet

Designed for incoming students, the admit packet communicates the momentous achievement while exciting them to accept our offer of admission.
Admit Package

Drive to Apply Package

Designed for prospective first year and transfer students, the drive to apply campaign encourages them to consider Drexel as an option for their upcoming big decision.
DTA brochure

Graduate Brochure

Designed for potential graduate students, the graduate brochure invites those considering continuing education to include Drexel in their application pool and take advantage of our myriad resources.
Grad Brochure

Commencement In A Box

Designed for graduating online students, the Commencement in a Box Campaign demonstrates appreciation and celebration of our online students to cement their being part of our community.
Grad packet

Theme Guides

Designed for potential undergraduate students and those who influence them, the theme guides are based on areas of interest and speak to specific opportunities. These transcend the barriers of individual colleges to demonstrate Drexel’s interdisciplinary approach.
Theme guides

Undergraduate Viewbook

Designed for potential first year and transfer students and those who influence them, the undergraduate viewbook demonstrates Drexel’s brand values through an understated but welcoming booklet.