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Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender

Assistant Vice President, Creative
Keith Fledderman

Keith Fledderman

Creative Director, Graphic Design
Mike King

Mike King

Creative Director, Editorial


From its signature blue and gold hues and iconic Dragon to its distinctive editorial voice and tone, Drexel’s brand is defined and curated not only to provide consistency — it generates pride and recognition.

Our Design, Editorial, and Video/Motion teams pull from a mix of creative skills and technical awareness to generate a visual and editorial identity that reflects the University’s leading role within the higher education landscape and reinforces Drexel’s mission to function as "One University."

These creative teams work collaboratively within the Division of University Marketing & Communications (UMAC) to help guide and develop elements of Drexel's brand and identity, create direct work to strategically meet the developing needs of University partners, and act in a supporting and advisory role for other divisions and offices around the University.  This work can include everything from brand governance and formal communications to internal and external promotional materials, depending on the needs of each individual partner.


The UMAC Design Team works to create and develop a consistency of visual language that is reflected through design, imagery, and feel. This includes brand governance and oversight of University logotypes, typography, wordmarks, web content, print collateral, and more.

Graphic Identity Guidelines

The Drexel University Graphic Identity Program has been designed to convey the unique qualities of Drexel University and is composed of a system of coordinated graphic elements.

View Guidelines


The UMAC Editorial Team works to establish and ensure consistency of the University’s presented voice and tone throughout a wide variety of outputs, platforms, and touchpoints. By utilizing a dignified and sophisticated — yet still approachable — editorial positioning, this team is focused on developing and implementing communication strategies that accurately represent and reflect Drexel’s values and “personality” to a wide range of audiences in an authentic and memorable manner.

Editorial Style Guide


The UMAC Video/Motion team works to produce and expand visual storytelling techniques across video, animation, and other motion-based creative channels that accurately reflect the University experience for both internal and external audiences.


Drexel University requires authorization from individuals being featured in content pertaining to marketing materials, advertising, commercials, social media, and more. A photo and video release form can be found in the link below.

Photo & Video Release Form