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In addition to outreach about newsworthy happenings on Drexel’s campus, the News & Media Relations team collaborates with faculty and promotes them to reporters as spokespeople who can provide commentary on current events related to their expertise. Posts to the Drexel News Blog and news releases shared on the DrexelNEWS website help to promote faculty research and expertise to media. The team promotes initiatives, events and stories that align with Drexel’s strategic messages and goals to external media. 

As a result, thousands of stories in print and online news sites (including syndicated stories) mention or feature the University or quote Drexel faculty each year. Drexel is also included in 100-200 stories each month in broadcast media — reaching more than 50 million viewers annually.

For highlights of the latest news featuring Drexel University, visit our DrexelNews website:

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Drexel University in the News 2022-2023

Highlights of Drexel University broadcast media coverage for 2022-2023 produced by University Marketing & Communications. Special thanks to the students, faculty and professional staff featured and to the media represented in this video.