Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

If you would like to begin a new PPC campaign with Seer, the process to get started is as follows:

Week 1

The client (college/school person of contact) will inform University Marketing & Communications that they would like to move forward with a PPC campaign. This can also be addressed in the kickoff meeting if it is a part of a bigger campaign. If no further discussion is needed, the client will fill out the New Paid Search Campaign form. Once submitted, Seer will create a timeline and follow up with the client listed on the form.

Weeks 2-3

Will focus on keyword research, audience definition, account setup and landing page recommendations (if needed).

Weeks 4-6

Will focus on conversion tracking setup and implementation on the landing page(s) along with the writing ad copy and ad extensions.

Week 7

Will be for final approvals and campaign launch.

*Note: In order to maintain successful campaigns, there is a minimum campaign duration of three months and a minimum media spend of $1,000 per month. A new account set-up fee will apply for all colleges that have not previously engaged with Seer.