Marketing Landing Pages

You may already have a landing page within your website, but a marketing landing page is different. The purpose of this page is to drive paid ads to a page that doesn’t have links. By removing the top and side navigation bars, and all links, you are removing distraction so the user is more likely to fill out the Request More Information (RMI) form. Marketing landing pages generally have higher conversions and ultimately more leads.

Marketing Landing Page Example

Best Practices

Landing page copy is extremely important. Be clear, concise and brief. Start with a compelling headline and a persuasive subheadline, and then highlight what makes your program unique.

  • 200-300 words max (written by college/school)
  • Bullet points can make copy more scannable

The page will need a strong 1600px by 1200px high-resolution image (provided by college/school).

A Request More Information slate form will be placed on the page to generate leads. The college or school will request the RMI form from your college admissions representative.

Tracking pixels will be placed on the landing page by University Communications to track conversions.

You can find more on creative best practices here.

Style Guide

The Drexel Style Guide can help with proper Drexel Language.

Request a Marketing Landing Page

You can request a marketing landing page by submitting this form. But remember, these landing pages are only for paid campaigns. Once the copy has been submitted, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for the landing page to be completed.