Chegg and Course Hero Resources

For Students

Chegg and Course Hero and similar online learning platforms are used by students nationwide for online tutoring support, textbook rental and e-books, homework support, study guides, and overall academic help.

Student Conduct understands the value of these online platforms and encourages all Drexel students to review the academic integrity policies to ensure that the utilization of these services is allowed by your professor for the course you are enrolled in. If you are unsure, ASK.

These services should never be used as a means of cheating on assignments or exams, as dishonest behavior diminishes your integrity as a Drexel Dragon.

Student Conduct will initiate an investigation with the online platforms (Chegg/Course Hero etc.) if a report is received from an instructor or a college, citing that there is suspicion that these forums were used. Uploading intellectual property or materials from an instructor's exam could lead to disciplinary action.

For Faculty

We encourage that you be as clear as possible about the resource's students are and are not allowed to use in your course. Student Conduct encourages faculty to have an open and honest conversation with students and be direct with your expectations.

If you suspect that students are violating the Academic Integrity Policy, we encourage you to follow the Academic Integrity Conduct Process.

If you would like for Student Conduct to open an investigation with an online platform to request data from Chegg or Course Hero, please contact our Student Conduct with the following information:

  • Instructor Name, College, Course
  • URL link of content
  • Data/Information you are requesting
  • Student Conduct will initiate contact with the company on behalf of the college/department.

If the college or department would like request data directly from the companies in effort to gather documentation, please use the following links below and use the sample notices attached.

If you have any questions of concerns, please contact the Office of Student Conduct at

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