Request for Release from Residence Hall

Use this form to request release from your housing contract. If you have withdrawn from Drexel, obtained an out of the area co-op position, or are going to study abroad — you must complete this form within five business days of the aforementioned event. To access the housing form:

  • Visit DrexelOne
  • Click on the Campus+Community tab
  • Click on the housing link
  • Select the Housing & Dining Forms at the top of the page
Premise Alert System Enrollment Form [PDF] Resident students who have serious impairments or disabilities can receive specialized assistance during emergencies. To enroll in this program, please complete this form and return to The Department of Public Safety.
Partners for Good Housing Booklet [PDF] Partners for Good Housing outlines the responsibilities of owners, tenants, and landlords for maintaining houses and apartments in a safe and clean condition.

Additional information, including on-line access to this booklet in multiple books and to the Building Construction and Occupancy Code is available at the Department's website,

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