Student Center Services


Discounted monthly SEPTA passes are available to be loaded onto your SEPTA Key via DrexelOne.


The Information Desks at Creese and Rush approve flyers for posting. Flyers are approved for a length of 14 days or until the day after the event. You must also follow the guidelines of the University Posting Policy [PDF]

Lost and Found

Come to the Information Desk if you've lost something in Creese, Rush, or Ross. We hold onto lost items that can be picked up with your DragonCard. Items of high value, i.e. cell phones, laptops, wallets, etc. will be given to Public Safety, which can be reached at 215.895.2822.


We have laptops and chargers, as well as portable phone chargers, for use by students for two-hour intervals. Just bring your DragonCard to the Rush Building or Creese Student Center and sign one out!

Temporary DragonCards

We can provide temporary ID cards for students. You may receive one temporary ID good for one week from the Information Desk at Creese. This service is available only during hours when the DragonCard office is NOT open. You must be currently registered for classes upon request of a temporary ID.

Drexel Bike Share

Please Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Drexel Bike Share program is discontinued until further notice, out of an abundance of caution. The Drexel Bike Share program is open to all students and employees in good standing and with a valid Drexel University ID. All you have to do is fill out Drexel's annual Bike Share Membership Agreement, bring it to the Information Desk at the Creese Student Center, and leave with a bike if one is available. The membership includes a helmet, u-lock, cable, and lock key and should be returned with the bike rental. Each share period is generally for two days or a weekend.

Bike Pump

Got a flat? No problem; check out our bike pump at Creese and get back on the road.

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