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Discounted monthly SEPTA passes are available to be loaded onto your SEPTA Key via DrexelOne.

SEPTA Compass

This program provides full-time students with a 10 percent discount on monthly TransPasses and TrailPasses through DrexelOne. To use the ComPass discount, log in to DrexelOne and choose your "Student" tab, then select the "Commuter" option in the bottom right corner and choose "SEPTA ComPass."

All passes must be purchased by the 15th of the month before the pass you are purchasing. For example, the deadline for buying an October pass is 11:59 p.m. on September 14. Purchases must be made with a major credit card and are limited to one pass per month.

Passes will be automatically loaded on the SEPTA Key provided during purchase.

For unwanted passes, the purchaser must communicate with SEPTA through the Key call center at 1.855.567.3782.

SEPTA Key Card

SEPTA Key is a reloadable, contactless chip card that offers discounted fares when used in replace of cash on the bus, trolley, subway/elevated lines, and the Norristown High Speed Line. For more information, visit the SEPTA Key website.

NJ Transit

This program provides full-time college students with a 25 percent discount on NJ TRANSIT monthly passes. To enroll in this program: log in to DrexelOne and choose your "Student" tab, then select the "Commuter" option in the bottom right corner and choose "NJ TRANSIT."

The student monthly pass is for the personal use of the student who purchased it and is restricted for use traveling to/from stations indicated on the pass for the sole purpose of attending school. Student passes are not honored to or from any other rail station except those printed on the pass, but they may be used on certain buses and light rail vehicles as permitted under NJ TRANSIT cross-honoring policies.

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The Information Desk at Creese and the SORC in Rush approve flyers for posting. Flyers are approved for a length of 14 days or until the day after the event. You must also follow the guidelines of the University Posting Policy [PDF]

Lost and Found

Come to the Information Desk in the Creese Student Center if you've lost something. We hold onto lost items that can be picked up with your DragonCard. Items of high value, i.e. cell phones, laptops, wallets, etc. will be given to Public Safety, which can be reached at 215.895.2822.

Bike Pump

Got a flat? No problem; visit a bike repair station in the Rec Center, Towers, or Millennium.

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