Hazing Prevention Week

Hazing Prevention Week is held annually to raise awareness of the negative effects of hazing, and to provide students with the opportunity to come together for fun activities, and promote camaraderie in a healthy environment. These events focus on the benefits of positive interactions and building our community through constructive team-building exercises.

We invite you to join us for a week-long schedule of activities that show how Drexel Dragons build a true sense of community.


The development of the hazing prevention initiative began in August 2008 in the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, who collaborated with staff from Recreational Athletics to create the first-ever Hazing Prevention Awareness Week at Drexel.


To educate and inspire Drexel community members to prevent hazing.


To create a hazing-free community of respect within Drexel and the surrounding community, marked by the positive engagement of students, faculty, staff and community members in the opportunities provided by the University, a greater sense of accountability and true care for the individual.