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EdD in Educational Leadership and Management

Drexel University School of Education

Global​ ​forces,​ ​emerging​ ​technologies,​ ​and​ ​federal​ ​mandates​ ​are​ ​just​ ​a​ ​few​ ​of​ ​the challenges​ ​that​ ​are​ ​transforming​ ​education​ ​entities​ ​into​ ​increasingly​ ​complex organizations​ ​that​ ​require​ ​exceptional​ ​leadership.

Drexel​ ​University's​ Doctorate​ ​of​ ​Education​ ​(​EdD​)​ ​degree​ ​program​ ​in​ ​Educational Leadership​ ​and​ ​Management​ ​stands​ ​alone​ ​as​ ​a​ ​rigorous,​ ​accelerated​ ​part-time doctoral​ ​of​ ​education​ ​program​ ​that​ ​produces​ ​leaders​ ​with​ ​the​ ​skills​ ​and​ ​knowledge​ ​to create​ ​educational​ ​reform.​ ​Through​ ​collaborative​ ​discourse,​ ​action​ ​research,​ ​and​ ​the latest​ ​learning​ ​technologies,​ ​students​ ​acquire​ ​a​ ​facility​ ​in​ ​finance,​ ​leadership, management,​ ​creativity,​ ​and​ ​strategic​ ​thinking​ ​within​ ​the​ ​context​ ​of​ ​their​ ​individual education​ ​entity,​ ​university,​ ​and​ ​state.

Drexel's EdD program is steeped in research and is a proud R1 Doctoral University by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, the highest level of classification for research activity.

What​ ​is​ ​an​ ​EdD​ ​Degree?

Drexel’s ​Doctorate ​in ​Education ​(EdD) ​degree ​prepares ​professionals ​for ​leadership positions ​in ​a ​wide ​variety ​of ​educational ​environments ​and ​addresses ​the ​challenges ​faced by ​today's ​schools ​and ​organizations. ​The ​program’s ​scholarly ​platform ​is ​based ​on ​a philosophy ​that ​diverse ​individuals ​develop ​transformational ​leadership ​skills ​appropriate ​for success ​in ​diverse, ​mainstream ​educational ​or ​business ​environments.

The ​EdD ​Program ​offers ​a ​number ​of ​distinctive ​benefits:

  • Students ​learn ​in ​cohorts, ​exchanging ​ideas, ​challenging ​each ​other, ​and ​networking.
  • Students ​choose ​from ​a ​list ​of ​concentrations ​to ​suit ​their ​career ​interests.
  • The ​rigorous ​curriculum ​prepares ​students ​for ​leadership ​in ​a ​variety ​of ​organizations in ​public, ​private, ​and ​business ​environments.
  • Personalized ​academic ​and ​career ​advisement ​helps ​students ​identify ​and ​work towards ​their ​goals.
  • Students ​have ​access ​to ​the ​program’s ​customized ​portal, ​which ​includes ​online resources ​and ​opportunities ​to ​connect ​with ​other ​students ​for ​academic ​discourse and ​social ​networking.
  • Students ​graduate ​prepared ​to ​meet ​the ​challenges ​of ​diverse ​educational environments ​and ​ready ​to ​serve ​in ​a ​variety ​of ​educational ​leadership ​roles.

Within ​the ​comparative ​field ​of ​part-time ​doctoral ​study, ​Drexel's ​EdD ​degree ​program ​offers an ​unrivaled ​path ​to ​career ​advancement ​in ​the ​field ​of ​education. ​It ​is ​ideal ​for ​principals, school ​superintendents, ​K-12 ​and ​higher ​education ​administrators, ​and ​directors ​as ​well ​as community-based, ​educational ​organizers ​who ​have ​already ​completed ​a ​master's ​degree and ​seek ​an ​academic ​credential ​from ​one ​of ​the ​nation's ​leading ​providers ​of ​education.

Education​ ​Doctorate​ ​Program​ ​Options

Drexel’s ​EdD ​in ​Educational ​Management ​and ​Leadership ​program ​is ​offered ​through ​a number ​of ​delivery ​methods ​to ​help ​accommodate ​a ​flexible ​class ​schedule ​for ​working professionals ​or ​career ​changers.

The ​accelerated ​three-year, ​part-time ​doctoral ​program ​delivery ​option ​allows ​students ​to have ​a ​flexible ​schedule ​while ​working ​in ​their ​respective ​field. ​Drexel ​University ​also ​offers an ​extended ​five-year, ​part-time ​doctoral ​program ​delivery ​option, ​which ​enables ​students ​to take ​1 ​course ​per ​term, ​which ​can ​help ​increase ​the ​affordability ​and ​tuition ​reimbursement opportunities ​for ​students ​and ​their ​employers.

The ​EdD ​in ​Educational ​Leadership ​and ​Management ​degree ​program ​is ​offered ​as ​the following:

Online ​EdD ​Program

We understand that the lives of our students can be quite busy. That is why we offer a flexible, part-time online EdD program with a 3-year and 5-year plan of study. In the three year program, students take two courses per term. In the five year program, students take one course per term. Students learn online together in cohorts of up to 20 students. At no time will a student ever need to come to campus.

Drexel ​University ​has ​been ​offering ​online ​courses ​for ​doctoral ​students ​since ​1996, ​bringing its ​recognized ​faculty ​and ​curricula ​to ​a ​worldwide ​student ​body. ​Today, ​Drexel ​offers ​over 100 ​online ​degrees ​and ​online ​certificate ​programs ​for ​adults. Drexel ​online ​programs ​offer ​the ​very ​same ​faculty, ​curriculum, ​and ​degree ​as ​Drexel's distinguished ​on-campus ​programs.

EdD ​Executive ​Weekend ​Hybrid ​Format

The ​EdD ​program ​is ​also ​taught ​in ​an ​"executive ​weekend" ​in-class/online ​format, ​with classroom ​sessions ​held ​on ​Friday ​(6:00 ​p.m. ​– ​9:00 ​p.m.)/ ​Saturday ​(8:30 ​a.m. ​– ​4:30 ​p.m.) three ​times ​per ​quarter. ​Students ​enroll ​in ​the ​EdD ​program in ​cohorts ​taking ​courses ​together allowing ​for ​interaction ​and ​networking ​among ​peers ​and ​local ​leaders. Cohorts contain no more than 20 students at a time. Core courses are taught in-person, while concentration courses are taught online.

The ​executive ​hybrid ​EdD ​program ​format ​is ​offered ​at ​Drexel ​University's ​Main ​Campus ​in Philadelphia, ​PA ​and ​in ​Washington, ​DC. ​through ​an agreement with James Madison University's DC Center located at 1400 16th st. NW, Suite 320 Washington, DC 20036.

​EdD​ ​Program​ ​Curriculum​ ​and​ ​Concentrations

The ​goal ​of ​Drexel's ​unique ​EdD ​program ​in ​Educational ​Leadership ​and ​Management ​is designed ​to ​generate ​dynamic ​leaders ​with ​in-depth ​knowledge ​and ​expertise ​of ​the complex ​challenges ​that ​face ​school ​districts, ​colleges ​and ​universities, ​foundations, ​and government ​agencies.

Students ​complete ​study ​within ​their ​area ​of ​specialization ​in ​preparation ​for ​their ​required research ​courses ​prior ​to ​the ​dissertation ​phase ​of ​study.

EdD Degree Program Concentrations

The Education Doctorate (EdD) program is based on the Drexel philosophy that theory springs from practice. Students are encouraged to challenge their own thinking within a group and venture beyond problem solving to a unique model of individual leadership that will become a lifelong pattern of professional communication and growth.

Students may choose from the following EdD concentrations:

Creativity & Innovation Doctoral Concentration

The Creativity & Innovation concentration provides program participants with a deep foundation and contextual background in the field of creativity to address the needs of education and industry. Collaborative creative leadership involved in innovation management is a focus where the vital role of creative strengths in fueling new bottom-line innovations is highlighted. Creativity serves as the stimulus to enhance educational and corporate innovations.

Educational Administration Doctoral Concentration (with Pennsylvania Superintendent Letter of Eligibility)

Students are challenged to develop interdisciplinary models of curricula and teaching strategies, and examine the impact on education of major social issues such as poverty, domestic violence, and drug abuse. An experiential component takes the student into various central office positions for a year-long internship.

Education Policy Doctoral Concentration

The Educational Policy concentration combines academics with Drexel University's tradition of applied learning. Students engage with policies and policy issues impacting education, those working in it, and those served by it. Policy studies are contextualized within the range of jurisdictional entities from local to national and international settings. Heavy emphasis is placed upon the roles of ethics and ethical decision-making in past and future policy-making.

Global & International Education Doctoral Concentration

The Global and International Education (GIE) concentration is designed for individuals interested in learning about the complex economic, political, cultural, and social structures that shape learning in different parts of the world. Coursework is centered on the analysis of international and comparative education and builds through the study of how culture, society, politics, and economics relate to education. Addresses how the role of state and market forces impact K-12, higher education, government and education special interests abroad.

Higher Education Leadership Doctoral Concentration

There are 3 concentrations options within the Higher Education Leadership concentration:

  • Higher Education Leadership Concentration A: Administration, Leadership & Assessment examines the historical growth and advancement of colleges and universities in the U.S., including the roles of school boards, community organizations, state boards of education, state government agencies, special interest groups, professional organizations, and unions. There is an in-depth focus on legal issues and assessment, which are core to higher education. Courses examine strategies of success through an understanding of the career patterns of faculty, deans, vice presidents, provosts, and presidents and how decision-making and change are implemented. Within this framework, coursework explores the impact of variables such as the law, politics, and power structures at an educational institution.
  • Higher Education Leadership Concentration B: Administration, Student Success & Innovation explores the connection between strategic enrollment management and institutional planning and sustainability. This concentration focuses on the institution’s critical role within the community through civic engagement and partnerships. The courses examine the student lifecycle from recruitment and the enrollment funnel to the student experience and graduation. There is a focus on the integration of creativity and innovation as catalysts for change within higher education.
  • Higher Education Leadership Concentration C: Mind, Brain & Learning focuses on innovative teaching and training within education and the workforce. The courses explore advancements in technology and research related to the human learning process and how this informs pedagogical practices across learning formats (online, hybrid, and face-to-face). Mind, Brain & Learning focuses on evidence-based practices from the Learning Sciences and Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) Science related to designing courses, modules, or programs that support transformative teaching and learning. The Mind, Brain & Learning option within the Higher Education Leadership concentration also examines neuroplasticity, neurodiversity, Culturally Responsive Teaching, and Universal Design for Learning using creative and innovative practices to meet the needs of all learners.

Human Resource Development Doctoral Concentration

The Human Resource Development concentration is designed to produce 21st century leaders with the competencies and capabilities to facilitate workplace learning, performance and change in any organizational setting. Human resource development focuses on the strategic aspects of people and organizational practices, like training, career development, organization development, employee engagement, leadership development, coaching and mentoring, culture change, and talent development, among other areas.

Learning Technologies Doctoral Concentration

The Learning Technologies concentration is designed for individuals interested in leading change through meaningful technology integration in either the business or school environments. The five concentration courses focus on areas in Instructional Design, Performance Support, Virtual communities, Learning in Participatory Culture and E-Learning Leadership. Through this coursework, students learn how to design and incorporate different learning technology platforms into school curriculum and business training settings. Develop learning technology leaders with the capacity to solve learning and performance problems collaboratively through a transformational model of change.

Nursing Education Doctoral Concentration

There is a nationwide shortage of nursing faculty. The Nursing Education concentration prepares registered nurses to assume faculty positions while providing them with a robust interdisciplinary education between Drexel's School of Education and the College of Nursing and Health Professions. Please note: students who wish to pursue this concentration must have an RN license.

Special Education Leadership Doctoral Concentration

Students are prepared to take on supervisory roles within the education system after gaining the unique leadership knowledge and skills needed to successfully direct programs within special education. Graduates are equipped with the advanced skills, knowledge, and competencies to head programs that meet the needs of students at risk for and with disabilities in a variety of environments.

Sport Leadership Doctoral Concentration

The Sport Leadership EdD concentration aims to help leaders in sport develop their ability to lead sport programs and become more of a valued asset to their athletic communities. Students in the program include administrators, former athletes, coaches, sport performance staff and educators. Our students are committed to advancing their career by being a more effective and impactful leaders. The curriculum aims to apply theory into practice and to provide students with a strong research foundation to support data-driven solutions for current and emerging issues. Program faculty are leading experts in their specific fields and are committed to sharing evidence-based practices from the most up to date solutions in the sport coaching context. One of the core program values is a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion for sport leaders and the development of the sport context for all, including athletes, coaches, administrators and other stakeholders. Course content focuses on a leadership development plan for students to develop their skills in communications, planning, evaluations and ethical decision-making by accessing examples of best practices in the field of sport leadership.

For ​full ​EdD ​program ​course ​descriptions, ​please ​see ​the Drexel ​University ​Course Catalog.

How​ ​to​ ​Apply​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Education​ ​Doctorate​ ​Program

There are two ways to apply to the EdD in Educational Leadership and Management program:

We encourage students to visit the School of Education's EdD Admissions page to ensure they are aware of all the requirements for admission to the program.