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Student Activities & Clubs Music and the Arts

The student organizations listed below are examples of clubs hosted by students and are often but not consistently recognized by the Office of Student Affairs and SGA. For a current list of currently recognized student organizations, please visit

Classical Club

The College of Medicine Classical Club is a classical music interest group dedicated to spreading the passion for music to students. We promote classical music within the community by hosting student recitals, expressing our talent through volunteering, and facilitating music tutoring and providing books for those willing to learn.

Doctor's Note

Doctor's Note is the College of Medicine's a cappella group made up entirely of medical students, formed to promote musical abilities and passions for students who don't normally get the time to do so. We learn songs during regularly-scheduled rehearsals and perform them at events throughout the year, such as the Pediatric AIDS Benefit Concert.

Oldies but Goodies

'Oldies-but-Goodies' provides students a fun way to unwind while listening to music from decades past. Our group meets once every two weeks during lunch and listens to an essential album (or medley) from an influential band/artist. A brief history of the artist is provided prior to the meeting that overviews that artist's discography for those interested in exploring more of their work.

We know how valuable our time is as students which is why we meet during lunch and why we've carefully curated a collection of albums that only run 30-45 minutes. School can be stressful and we believe music is an easy way to escape from all the chaos. This group is great for those looking to discover music from popular artists and for those who already love the classics and just want somewhere fun to hang out with friends during lunch. This is different from any other music related group as it doubles as a stress reliever as well as a class of sorts, as a lot of students simply haven't been exposed to a lot of the influential music from 60's, 70's, and 80's.


The College of Medicine photography club strives to bring together students interested in digital and film photography as a hobby and as a medium for artistic expression. Our goal is to provide a community for students looking to improve their photographic skills or learn more about the medium. We hope to provide instructional sessions on digital photography skills, the basics of film photography, mechanism, and development, as well as organizing photographic "outings" for students to come together and experience art as a community.

It is easy to get lost in the routine of medical school, and we hope that our club will provide a forum for students to both express themselves artistically and learn how art and the humanities can inform their path to becoming a future doctor. Our club will be open to all skill levels, and we hope to provide a space for members to display and share their work with each other and the College of Medicine community. Unlike the art club, we will focus specifically on photography and film development skills.

The Tincture

The Tincture is the College of Medicine's annual literature and arts journal. Every year, we publish an issue consisting of writing, art, and photography from the College of Medicine's own student body. We also publish an online issue which includes music and film entries as well. Throughout the year, we strive to keep our student body engaged in the humanities and provide opportunity for creativity through writing and photography workshops. We collaborate with other student-run groups including the photography and art clubs to create more opportunities for students to showcase their talent. More than anything, we hope to provide an outlet by which medical students can stay in touch with human side, and bring to the school a creative journal which is the embodiment of our human experience.

Tune Squad

As the 5th largest city in the country, Philadelphia is a hub for music creativity and expression. The purpose of the College of Medicine Tune Squad is to provide a means for members of the College of Medicine community who share a passion for modern music to connect and enhance their interests even further. Specifically, the aim of this club is to provide a platform to inform College of Medicine students and faculty of live concerts and performances in the area and organize group outings to attend said events. It is our hope that this club will stimulate discussion about new music releases spanning multiple genres and bring together like-minded individuals to promote student wellness through a relaxing and stress-relieving social outlet.

While one or more current student groups focus on music creation (live bands, playing musical instruments, etc.), College of Medicine Tune Squad is different in that it focuses on music appreciation as opposed to music creation and does not require its members to play instruments or have similar skills.

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