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Student Activities & Clubs Associations and Interest Groups

While studying at Drexel, students may find themselves drawn to particular areas of interest within medicine and may wish to work with other students who share those interests. These medical student associations and career specialty groups allow students to build a support network to help guide their academic study.

The student organizations listed below are examples of clubs hosted by students and are often but not consistently recognized by the Office of Student Affairs and SGA. For a current list of currently recognized student organizations, please visit

American Medical Association

The AMA has a robust House of Delegates consisting of representation from every state and medical society, a solid base of physician members, a thriving advocacy influence, the most revered journals and resources in medicine, and respected practice tools. The Drexel University AMA chapter aims to spread knowledge, promote collaborative learning and build networks between medical students and experts in the field.

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American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

AMSA is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. The goals of the AMSA Chapter at College of Medicine are to create opportunities for College of Medicine students to engage in activism and advocacy in health care and to provide resources for medical students to utilize throughout their medical education. We also serve as a mentor chapter for a local pre-medical chapter at Lehigh University. We hope to raise awareness of issues in our modern health care system and encourage students to take action in shaping the future of health care.

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American Physician Scientists Association (APSA)

The Drexel University College of Medicine American Physician Scientists Association Chapter was establish in 2015 with the goal of enriching the education path of medical and graduate students. In extension of the purpose of the National APSA Organization, the College of Medicine APSA chapter has been established for the purpose of promoting academic and personal success, forging future leaders, and advancing science and medicine within our community. More specifically, the APSA chapter will allow its members to:

  • Build relationships with faculty members and medical professionals
  • Participate in extended training programs for aspiring physician-scientists
  • Acquire a better understanding of medical research and related principles
  • Meet, network with, and build collaborative relationships with other aspiring physician-scientists in training
  • Acquire knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a physician-scientist
  • Interact with experienced and successful physician-scientists
  • Provide vertical mentorship to those who are at an earlier stage in their training
  • Better understand the challenges, pitfalls, and opportunities in the training and career of a physician-scientist
  • Supplement potential weaknesses of the formal academic program
  • Learn the skills necessary to secure research funding
  • Interact with junior faculty members to understand the challenges of managing an academic laboratory

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Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

SNMA is built on the core values of academic excellence, community service, and advocacy. We work to give back to the community and mentor students who are underrepresented in medicine.

We support members of the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) chapters at Drexel University and Cheyney University, encouraging them to pursue medicine and attend the Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC).

Participating in SNMA gives DUCOM students an opportunity to network with peers who share their interest in increasing the number of culturally competent, socially conscious, and clinically excellent physicians in the medical field.

SNMA strives to:

  • Take a proactive role in the recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds,
  • Increase awareness and address the needs of underrepresented medical and pre-medical students,
  • Increase awareness and address the needs of underserved communities in Philadelphia and around the U.S.

Instagram: @drexel_snma

Meet our Students

Brett Mitchell: Drexel MD, MD/MPH Dual Degree Program Student "For SNMA, I am the corresponding secretary; I mainly handle the communication side of things, but this summer, all of us on the executive board had expanded roles. We felt a huge call to action because of the racial injustices happening in our country, and we made a list of demands and initiatives for which we would hold the College of Medicine accountable for in order to build a more inclusive, representative, and anti-racist medical school." Meet Brett Mitchell.

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Association for Women in Science (AWIS)

Drexel University is an institutional partner of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS). AWIS is an organization that is dedicated to helping women in STEM achieve their career objectives. AWIS reaches more than 20,000 professionals in STEM around the country and can help you improve networking among women in the scientific community.

A benefit of the Drexel-AWIS partnership is that any undergraduate or graduate student may sign up for a complimentary membership in AWIS National (known as a Collegiate Representative membership).

Once you have created a user name and entered the requested information, accept and then continue to complete the membership page. Under institution, select Drexel University and then indicate if you are a graduate or undergraduate student. If given the opportunity (this feature may not be available at this time) select AWIS-PHL (Philadelphia Chapter) as your local chapter affiliation.

For questions, please contact: Ellie Cantor, PhD,

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Advocacy Club

The Advocacy Club is a group of like-minded medical students striving to uplift marginalized voices in an increasingly inequitable society. We are a place where students wishing to get more involved in the Philadelphia community can come together and share their successes and challenges with the advocacy process. We are committed to the goals of outreach, mobilization, and education. Each goal demonstrates a different facet of our interest as a club, but unite towards the greater goal of serving Philadelphia's community in a purposeful way. Through our work with the community, both medical and otherwise, we strive to create and connect more doctors with a socially conscious mindset.

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Addiction Medicine Interest Geared Organization for Students (AMIGOS)

Addiction affects approximately 20 million people. Substance use disorders (SUDs) are commonly encountered in all specialties of medicine and are instrumental in the development of chronic diseases. It is vital to provide preventative care and early intervention to reduce the risk of addiction and substance-related health conditions. Medical students do not receive enough exposure in medical education about addictive diseases and in trainings for addiction as part of the regular curriculum. The goal of our interest group is to provide our peers the opportunity to increase their knowledge, awareness, and skills to assess for SUDs, provide early intervention and make appropriate referrals for treatment of the disease.

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Adolescent Medicine

This club is for anyone who is interested in, or has a curiosity for, the sub-specialty of adolescent medicine. We hope to provide resources and guidance for people who have interest in serving a patient population with unique challenges and medical needs.

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The Anesthesia Interest Group (AIG) aims to educate and immerse students in the field of anesthesiology. AIG strives to help students understand and experience what being an anesthesiologist entails. This is achieved through a variety of ways. AIG hosts numerous workshops, such as an intubation workshop, where students can interact with anesthesiology attending physicians and residents to learn basic skills. Monthly meetings also include information sessions, where students can learn about anesthesiology, as well as about any new developments in the field. Additionally, AIG serves as a bridge to help Drexel students connect with students and physicians at other institutions and anesthesiology events that take place off campus both inside and outside the Philadelphia community.

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Bedsider is an organization that aims to increase College of Medicine students' understanding of various contraceptive methods and ability to effectively communicate such methods with future patients. In order to execute such goals, College of Medicine Bedsider leader(s) host events such as "Sex Trivia Night" and distribute informational packets, provided by the larger national Bedsider® organization, to College of Medicine students.

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Business in Medicine

The Business in Medicine Interest Group is for any student curious about the vital roles of healthcare business and health law in medical practice. These topics can extend to big pharma, health IT, medical malpractice, etc. We will set up seminars/panels on current hot debates and the value of an MBA in medicine. Members will also hear about great opportunities for business research and have the chance to win a free ticket to a healthcare business conference later in the year!

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The Drexel University College of Medicine Cardiology Interest Group aims to increase exposure of medical students to the field of cardiology. We will be offering shadowing opportunities with physicians of various subspecialties within cardiology to members of the group. Networking events will also be available for members in order to form relationships and pursue research opportunities with cardiologists. All medical students are welcome to join the group regardless of their level of interest or knowledge of cardiology. Please feel free to reach out and come to our next meeting!

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Clinical Skills

The Clinical Skills Interest Group provides students the opportunity to explore medicine through hands-on skills and clinical reasoning. The group hosts workshops throughout the year that cover essential aspects of the physical exam as well as other skills that will benefit students during their third and fourth year clerkships. Each workshop is led by practicing physicians and residents who provide instruction and unique insight into their specialties. Ultimately, the goal of the Clinical Skills Interest Group is to prepare students for their clinical years, introduce them to different areas of medicine, and to promote learning beyond the classroom.

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The Dermatology Interest Group is committed to supporting, motivating and encouraging students interested in the field of Dermatology. We strive to inspire all students to inquire about dermatology as it pertains to their specialty interests and provide support in a variety of capacities to future dermatologists.

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Culinary Medicine Club

It is one thing to read about nutrition on paper and learn various dietary sources, but it is another thing to put it into practice. You can't just tell a patient "you need to be on a low cholesterol diet;" you have to tell them where to start. The goal of the Culinary Medicine Club is to integrate medical nutrition lectures with real life applications. We aim to give medical students the skills they need to effectively talk to patients about nutrition through hosting hands-on cooking workshops, as well as educational information sessions on how to create meal plans to accommodate the various dietary needs of patients such as those who are diabetic or are on Coumadin. Furthermore, we plan on partnering with other campus organizations to host community events to teach members of our local community basic cooking skills and give them resources on attaining appropriate nutrition.

This club will not only help medical students be healthier, but will help us as future physicians in guiding our patients towards better nutrition so that we can be proactive rather than reactive.

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Diagnostic Radiology

The College of Medicine Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group is a student organization, which facilitates exploration of the field of diagnostic radiology for medical students, especially during the pre-clinical phases of education. The focus of the diagnostic radiology interest group is to provide opportunities and information for students who are curious about the field of diagnostic radiology and to connect those students with shadowing opportunities. The group leadership will plan and host educational events throughout the school year, such as clinical skills simulation workshops, specialty-specific discussions and seminars, and networking mixers. In addition to these offerings, the radiology interest group will foster vertical collegiality by connecting first- and second-year students with students who are further along on the radiology pathway.

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DrExcel Health

We are, DrExcel Health, an interest group at Drexel University College of Medicine that is focused on creating a platform to facilitate collaboration between students from the college of business, entrepreneurship, engineering and medicine to tackle unmet challenges under physician mentorship. We aim to do this by facilitating formation of interdisciplinary student teams that closely work with a physician to identify a problem and propose a solution that could range from developing a prototype of a device to creating a smartphone app or a computer software. In addition, we aim to host a longitudinal seminar series featuring talks from entrepreneurs from the biotech industry.

Learn more about DrExcel Health.

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Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group aims to provide opportunities for medical students to explore their interest in the specialty through the organization of speaking events, panel discussions, skills workshops, and shadowing. It is our goal to act as a resource for students who are thinking about entering the field of emergency medicine by providing them with options to connect with current EM physicians, explore the various disciplines encompassed by EM, and practice skills associated with the specialty.

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The purpose of the Endocrinology Interest Group is three-fold. First, our group fills an important need, given that there has never been an endocrinology interest group at College of Medicine thus far, it is difficult for students who are interested in learning more about the field to connect with each other. Second, having and endocrinology interest group gives 1st and 2nd year students, who are interested in endocrinology, the opportunity to learn more about the field from the perspective practicing endocrinologists. Third, the group will have a broad perspective that includes adult endocrinology, pediatric endocrinology, endocrinology research, and diabetes as a public health problem. Our goal is to create a group that brings together students with a common interest, connects those students to physician mentors, and provides a space to foster future passionate endocrinologists.

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The College of Medicine ENT Club provides medical students interested in ENT with opportunities to network, shadow, and access to research activities to further explore and learn about the field.

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Family Medicine

The Family Medicine Interest Group helps the student population at the College of Medicine to get more insight into the field of Family Medicine. Our goal is to show the broad field that is Family Medicine and what opportunities it has to offer. We also have mentorship opportunities with current residents. Another important aspect of this club is to provide hands on experience to students in medical procedural workshops such as knee and shoulder joint injection workshop and a women's health workshop where students were able to practice inserting IUD's in models.

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The College of Medicine Gastroenterology Interest Group was created to expose students to the specialty of gastroenterology and connect them with opportunities and experts in the field.

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Global & Public Health

The Global and Public Health Interest Group's purpose is:

  • To promote engagement and awareness in the fields of global and public health through informative and educational events
  • To cultivate a professional network with whom to share ideas and knowledge
  • To provide pathways for students to make scholarly and altruistic contributions aimed at improving the health and well-being of populations, communities and individuals

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Global Conflict and Medicine

The purpose of this organization is to educate medical students about the effects of conflict on health care. This would help prepare students interested in domestic/global health for widely varying circumstances in their respective fields. The goal of this organization is to show that no situation is the same from country to country; it is widely variable, and physicians should be prepared to search for solutions once introduced to the new environment. Types of conflict discussed may include the following: war, civil war, political tensions, and corruption. These circumstances take a large toll on civilian health—educating the coming years' physicians (through case studies, journal club discussions, guest speakers, etc.) will play a role in satisfying the health needs of people living within the disorder in a non-political, humanitarian way.

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The purpose of the Heme/Onc Interest Group is to provide a venue for students that are interested in hematology and oncology as a specialty. We aim to expose students to the career paths available in this field by providing them information about residency, fellowship options, and medical practice options. In addition, we aim to educate medical students about the difficult experiences of cancer patients and hope to create opportunities for interaction between medical students and hematology/oncology faculty through shadowing and organized events to allow them to create and foster professional relationships. Lastly, we work with other interest groups to host events that aim to educate students about cancer-related topics in a variety of medical fields.

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Infectious Disease

The Infectious Disease Interest Group aims to provide Drexel University College of Medicine students with the opportunity to learn about the field of infectious diseases and to connect students with faculty and peers interested in this field. The Infectious Disease Interest Group will hold a variety of meetings to introduce students to the different areas within the field of infectious diseases through speakers, shadowing, and other events. Additionally, we will partner with the Philadelphia-wide Infectious Disease Interest Group to allow students to connect with others in the field at different medical schools across Philadelphia.

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Internal Medicine

The purpose of the Internal Medicine Interest Group is to introduce College of Medicine students to the specialty of internal medicine. This interest group provides students with networking opportunities with staff of a diverse array of subspecialties under internal medicine, shadowing opportunities with the same diverse staff, and provides panel and lecturing opportunities at the school for students to learn more about, and engage with this field. Our organization's goal is to spark and inspire interest in the field and hopefully foster long-term relationships between faculty and interested students.

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Interventional Radiology

The College of Medicine Interventional Radiology Interest Group is a student organization, which facilitates exploration of the field of interventional radiology for medical students, especially during the preclinical phases of education. The focus of the Interventional Radiology Interest Group is to provide opportunities and information for students who are curious about the field of interventional radiology and to connect those students with shadowing opportunities. The Group leadership will plan and host educational events throughout the school year, such as clinical skills simulation workshops, specialty-specific discussions and seminars, and networking mixers. In addition to these offerings, the Interventional Radiology Interest Group will foster vertical collegiality by connecting first- and second-year students with students who are further along on the radiology pathway and who are willing to share advice and insights on choosing this specialty.

Students interested in learning more about the group should send questions to

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Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

Coral Caceres' Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) Experience
"My journey as a medical student and my aspirations to become a doctor have always been centered around giving back to my Latino community. To me, "giving back" encompasses a multifaceted approach that involves healing, educating, mentoring, supporting, providing comfort and understanding, and most importantly, representing my culture in the health care field, where diversity is desperately needed." Read more.

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The Med-Peds Interest Group serves to let students gain exposure to the Med-Peds Speciality. We hope to foster awareness within the student body about this speciality choice by organizing talks, facilitating clinical workshops, and meeting with Med-Peds residents and attendings.

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Medical Device

The College of Medicine Medical Device Interest Group is a student organization that highlights current medical devices and emerging technologies. It is important for students, as future physicians and surgeons, to learn more about the advancements within the device sector and discover their utility within the operating room.

Our primary goal is to showcase various technologies including: implants, biomaterials, and other surgical tools at each meeting in addition to the physician's role in their development. Clinicians (who utilize these technologies) and industry leaders (who are on the forefront of device innovation) will present on these topics and teach College of Medicine students about the impact and design process of these technologies. Moreover, this exposure will foster interest in the subjects of bioengineering and device manufacturing, which physicians have an increasingly large role in. Our unique and explicit focus on medical devices and their development and use is meant to educate future physicians about the processes, foundations, and goals of such work.

This interest group does not intend to develop any clinical skills or focus on any particular subspecialty; rather, it intends to enable students to see the role a physician can play in developing new technologies in order to improve procedure efficiency, cost and patient outcomes.

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Military Medicine

The College of Medicine Military Medicine organization seeks to build unity and cohesion among those interested in or actively pursuing a career as a military physician. This goal is accomplished by the dissemination of information, creation of training opportunities, and the connecting of student with current military physicians. Additionally, College of Medicine Military Medicine invests in the local community by partnering with established non-profit organizations that help and support area veterans.

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The primary aim of the Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) is to coordinate a monthly shadowing schedule to match interested students with physicians in different fields within neurology. We also offer occasional lectures from neurologists, as well as a journal club to discuss research in the field.

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The Ob/Gyn Interest Group aims to provide opportunities for medical students to explore their interest in the specialty through the organization of speaking events, panel discussions, skills workshops, and shadowing. It is our goal to act as a resource for students who are thinking about entering the field of obstetrics and gynecology by providing them with options to connect with current physicians, explore the various disciplines encompassed by ob/gyn, and practice skills associated with the specialty.

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The mission of the Ophthalmology Interest Group is to provide a platform for students to explore their interests in ophthalmology, through shadowing opportunities, networking with physicians, providing lectures and clinical skills workshops, and community outreach initiatives.

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The Orthopaedics Interest Group aims to help Drexel medical students explore the field of orthopaedic surgery through guest speakers and shadowing opportunities.

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Palliative Care

The Palliative Care Interest Group aims to connect students who are interested in palliative care, hospice care, and chronic care management. We hold events pertaining those topics and hope to foster interest and discussion around themes surrounding end of life care.

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The Pathology Interest Group provides exposure to the medical specialty of pathology beyond what students learn in the classroom. We offer shadowing of pathologists and also sponsor meetings where different aspects of the field are discussed. We also go over what its like to be a pathology resident and attending.

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The Pediatric Interest Group helps students learn more about the field of pediatrics and the care of children. Those medical students considering pediatrics as a specialty, interested in what a pediatrician does, and want to work with and learn about children are encouraged to participate in activities sponsored by the pediatric interest group. Along with furthering your education, there are numerous opportunities to serve the public and children through community-oriented projects, which provide practical experience on how to interact with the pediatric population.

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Interest Group was founded to meet the needs and interests of medical students at Drexel University College of Medicine who are interested in the field of physical medicine & rehabilitation. The goals of this group are to provide information about field of physiatry through meetings and educational workshops, promote professional relationships between medical students and practicing physiatrists through shadowing, clinical rotations, and assist in funding to attend national physical medicine & rehabilitation conferences, and foster volunteer opportunities related to the field of physical medicine & rehabilitation in the Philadelphia area.

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Primary Care Progress at Drexel

Primary Care Progress (PCP) is a national non-profit that is dedicated to bring all who are interested in the future of primary care together to promote and transform primary care as we know it. We seek to draw on the experience and knowledge of healthcare professionals to educate students in order to provide them with the change-making tools they need to both improve primary care delivery and revitalize the primary care community. Additionally, we at Primary Care Progress wish to work alongside other groups and serve as advocates for patients affected by issues such as substance abuse, current health care reform, and misconceptions about healthcare.

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The Psychiatry Interest Group organizes events and opportunities for students to explore the field of psychiatry. We invite guest speakers from Drexel and outside institutions to talk about clinical techniques and the realities of clinical practice. We also host events in a Q&A format to allow medical students to ask residents anything they are curious about the specialty. We also have relationships with various faculty members to allow students to take advantage of shadowing opportunities as a way to gain experience in their perspective career. Lastly, we host events that bring students who are interested in psychiatry together to watch, read, and discuss relevant articles, videos and movies.

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Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

The mission of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Interest Group at Drexel is to provide an opportunity for medical students to get exposure to these diverse clinical specialties during the preclinical years. Through shadowing, guest lectureships and clinical skills demonstrations, we provide ample ways to become acquainted with pulmonary medicine and related fields. Additionally, by working with a networks of local pulmonologists, we offer students the chance to connect with potential mentors in the field. Through monthly meetings and a periodic newsletter, we provide information regarding hot topics in pulmonary medicine. Finally, club members have the opportunity to learn about numerous research opportunities at local and national institutions.

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Radiation Oncology

The purpose of the Radiation Oncology Interest Group is to educate medical students on the growing field and the scope of radiation oncology. Radiation oncology is a small, competitive field with limited exposure in the medical curriculum. Therefore, students are often not aware of what it entails or find it difficult to be involved. Unlike hematology-oncology, radiation oncology deals with the treatment of cancer specifically through the use of radiation. Radiation is a great tool, but one that must be used with precision and care. The goal of this group is to provide students with a better understanding of radiation oncology through shadowing experiences, faculty presentations, research opportunities and practical workshops and to develop a strong network of physicians and researchers within the field.

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Sports Medicine

The goal of the College of Medicine Sports Medicine Interest Group (SMIG) is to provide College of Medicine students with the opportunity to explore and learn about the dynamic field of Sports Medicine. We hope to organize activities that will allow students the chance to interact with Faculty and Residents in Sports Medicine in various settings including lectures to stimulate learning and interest, shadowing to provide firsthand experience in the life of a Sports Medicine physician, and workshops to allow for practice and application of clinical skills (such as a musculoskeletal ultrasound workshop).

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Cardiothoracic Surgery

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group will serve to inform the student body about this field of medicine as well as provide opportunities to advance their interests in cardiothoracic surgery. We will be bringing in various physicians in the field to come in and present their knowledge of the field. This is to give the students an idea of what the field is like and get more information on how to get started even as early as the first year of medical school. Additionally, we plan to arrange for interactive sessions with either the residents or senior surgeons under the Cardiothoracic Department to go through theoretical or real life cases with the students so that they might gain even more of an idea of what everyday life is like as a surgeon. We will work to ensure that the student population gets an informative and positive experience from this interest group. In short, the overall goal of this group will be to expose students to the field of cardiothoracic surgery.

Neurological Surgery

The purpose of the Drexel Neurological Surgery Interest Group is to expose College of Medicine medical students to the field of neurosurgery as well as provide career guidance and networking opportunists to those interested in pursuing this specialty.

Plastic Surgery

The purpose of the Plastic Surgery Interest Group is to provide research, shadowing, and networking opportunities to those who are interested in the field. Our goal is to connect professionals throughout Philadelphia with prospective College of Medicine students, to help students better understand the career and allow them to move forward in the plastic surgery.


The Surgery Interest Group provides exposure, resources, networking, and shadowing experience to students interested in a career in General Surgery and its sub specialties.

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Transplant Surgery Observation

Currently only two United States medical schools have well-established programs wherein which the medical students have the privilege to regularly shadow (and occasionally scrub alongside) physicians performing organ transplant surgeries. These two institutions are Harvard Medical School and the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University.

The College of Medicine Transplant Surgery Observation Program—the first of its kind at Drexel and apparently the third in the country—will allow first and second-year medical students to observe the actual transplant procedure, and even participate in the acquisition of the specimen. Not only will this send a powerful message about Drexel within the larger medical community, but also provide students early in their training with excellent supplementary experience that will undoubtedly shape future aspirations and career decisions.

Participation is randomized from a list of students registered for the program and a pager is given to the student at the top of that week's list. Temporal rotation of the student pager would ensure that as many students as possible have the opportunity to be ‘on-call' should a transplant occur. Paging the student pager notifies this student that their opportunity to observe the life-saving procedure has finally come.

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The objective of the Urology Interest Group is to educate the medical school on the field of Urology. We would like to enlighten students about the specific work, lifestyle, and criteria for matching into the field of Urology. To do this, we plan on bringing in attending Urologic surgeons around the Philadelphia area to describe their work and day-to-day experiences as Urologic Surgeons. Furthermore, we would like to engage the students in the field of Urology by organizing shadowing experiences between students and attending surgeons in the area. Later in the year, we plan on inviting fourth year medical students that matched into the field to describe their experience with getting interested and subsequently matching into the field. We look forward to educating the medical school class on this wonderful specialty, and hope to increase interest in this competitive field.

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Wilderness Medicine (WildMed)

Wilderness Medicine is all about exploring how medicine can be practiced in the low-resource settings of the wilderness. Our goal is to expose and engage anyone in this very fun aspect of the medical field. This group's activities will include hikes with medical simulations, participation in medical adventure races, rescue-skills sessions, lunchtime film screenings and educational speakers, and attendance at local conferences. Hoping to arrange hikes, lectures, wilderness medicine skill competitions, and documentary screenings among other things to get people interested and involved in wilderness medicine.

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