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Drexel Email Policy for NEA Faculty


This policy applies to those non-employee associate (NEA) faculty of Drexel University College of Medicine who are eligible for access to:

  1. The Drexel network
  2. Email services
  3. Microsoft Office 365
  4. Zoom Pro

Note that all NEA faculty receive Drexel credentials and access to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud version. The policy below applies to those faculty who request email services and access to Zoom Pro.


The College of Medicine provides appropriate access to Drexel email, Microsoft Office 365 Cloud, and Zoom Pro accounts for non-employee associate faculty members who serve in a variety of roles in the various missions of the College. Examples include but are not limited to: academic chairs, program directors, clerkship directors, pathway directors, researchers, medical and graduate educators, faculty who serve in College of Medicine governance roles, or retired/emeritus faculty.

Review of Current Holders

The approval committee is completing an immediate review of the list of current NEA/Drexel email holders. When this is completed, they will follow up with those faculty members regarding their status.

Existing NEA faculty do not need to resubmit the NEA form. If you lose access to your Drexel email, or would like to be granted access to Drexel email, contact your chair to work with the Office of Faculty to address this.

Approval Process for Incoming NEA Faculty

All incoming NEA faculty should fill out the Non-Employee Associate Form [PDF] and submit it to This form needs to be completed regardless of the type of access the faculty member wants.

NEA faculty who also want Drexel email and Zoom Pro access should request this via their academic chair. Once the chair approves, the incoming NEA faculty member should contact Kyong Park at and CC their chair.

Access to these services for incoming NEA faculty will be granted on a case-by-case basis after review by the Office of Faculty, the chair, the Office of Research, the Office of Educational Affairs, the appropriate regional dean and/or the director of medical education. If the request is approved, IT and HRIS will be notified of approval and provided with the faculty name, credentials, Office of Faculty fund number, and an end/review date.


Any questions about the NEA process can be directed to:
Kyong Park
Regional Campus and Affiliate Coordinator
Office of Faculty


What happens if my email is turned off? Will I lose my inbox and storage? How do I get it reinstated?

When the license is removed, the mailbox and contents will be permanently deleted by Microsoft after 30 days. To have the mailbox reinstated, contact the Office of Faculty, who will submit a request to purchase a license. If the mailbox is reinstated within 30 days, the contents will be restored.

I am a current NEA faculty member. Do I need to resubmit the form if I want to maintain my current level of access?

No, existing NEA faculty can work with their chair to communicate to the Office of Faculty that you would like to maintain your access. Decisions will be made as outlined in the policy above.

If I choose to not utilize Drexel email, can I get a copy of my emails? How much time do I have to retrieve my email before it is turned off?

Drexel does not provide a copy of mailbox contents due to privacy concerns regarding protected information. Once the mailbox is disabled, the account owner will no longer have access to its contents.

What will the new license provide me? What can I expect when the changes go into effect?

If your access to Drexel email is removed, you will retain the ability to log in to Drexel computers (using your Drexel credentials, i.e., abc123) and use the web and mobile versions of Microsoft Office applications, Teams and OneDrive. Your access to Microsoft Office desktop versions will be removed.

If I have a Drexel computer on the domain, will the Full Cloud Service license be sufficient or do I need the Full Cloud Service Plus Computer option?

You will still have access to log in to the domain computer, but would need the Full License Plus Computer option to use Microsoft Office applications installed on the computer.

Is the license fee annual? How will I be notified when it is time to renew so I don’t lose access to my email?

The license fee is annual. The financial administrator for the cost center used to purchase the license will be notified of all licenses set to auto-renew annually. The financial administrator must submit a request to cancel the license.

Is there a plan for NEA non-Drexel emails to be placed in the University-wide Global Address List?

The Global Address List is generated via Microsoft Exchange, so it cannot house non-Drexel email addresses.