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Meet Our Medical Students

Austin Friedman, MD Program Class of 2023

Austin Friedman

"I thought going to school in the Philadelphia area would allow me to get a good education with many opportunities to pursue emergency medicine specifically. When I met current students and faculty as a prospective student, I felt a connection that I didn’t get with the other medical schools where I had interviewed." Read more about Austin.

Diana Hanif Garces, Drexel MD Program Student, Class of 2023

Diana Hanif Garces

Diana Hanif Garces has always had a passion for helping people in need, but something a bit more complex set her on the path to medical school. Read more about Diana.

Meet Daniyal Dar: Drexel MD Program Student

Daniyal Dar

A desire to help others, a love of learning, and skills like self-reliance and adaptability have gotten Daniyal Dar where he is today. Dar said he gained those skills along the path to medical school, navigating secondary education as a first-generation college student. Read more.

Marc Andrew Hem Lee, Drexel MD Program Student

Marc Andrew Hem Lee

"I chose Drexel because I really felt at home here during my interview. My general sentiment for medical school entrance is to go where you believe you would feel most at home. As for students considering Drexel, it's important to know that what's special here is that we strive to be an integral part of the Greater Philadelphia community. That's something that is really impressed upon us from the first couple of months in the MD program. If you're interested in learning what it's like to build community as an advocate, as a necessary aggregate of an interprofessional team, then I would say come to Drexel." Read more about Marc.

Charmie Mehta, Drexel MD Program Student

Charmie Mehta, Drexel MD Program Student

"I really enjoy being here. The way our curriculum is arranged helps me to grasp concepts well. We learn a similar topic in microbiology, gross anatomy and biochemistry at the same time, which isn"t how all medical schools work. I think learning this way helps you to see the bigger picture and reinforces concepts."
Read more about Charmie.

Nolan Feola, 2nd Year Drexel MD Program Student

Nolan Feola, 2nd Year Drexel MD Program Student

"The school does a really good job with networking and shadowing opportunities. Even though adolescent medicine isn't a very large subspecialty, I was able to shadow with an adolescent medicine doctor who specializes in eating disorders. She works out of the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. I shadowed her a few times last spring. It was an eye-opening experience that I really enjoyed."
Read more about Nolan.

Zack Kosak, 4th Year Drexel Med Student

Zack Kosak, 4th Year Drexel Med Student

"I think that it's hard to understand how great the community environment is until you show up on campus and see people interact with each other. You'll see that Drexel really is a tight knit community, even though we might have a large medical school class."
Read more about Zack.

Danh Le, 4th Year Drexel MD Program Student

Danh Le, 4th Year Medical Student

"The faculty at Drexel genuinely care about student learning and well-being. Our deans of Student Affairs are exceptional and really look out for our students. During our fourth year of medical school, we are assigned to one of the deans in addition to our pathway advisor to provide an extra layer of advising and support as we apply for residency."
Read more about Danh.

Ann Carnevale, 2nd Year Medical Student

Ann Carnevale, 2nd Year Medical Student

"What stood out to me was Drexel's inclusion of critical topics at the forefront of medical education in the curriculum. During my interview, students shared with me their experiences learning about topics like social determinants of health, harm reduction and implicit bias. This, combined with seeing the dedication of the student body to serving the underserved in the local community, made Drexel University College of Medicine stand out above the rest."
Read more about Ann.

Meagan Clark, 3rd Year Medical Student

Meagan Clark, 3rd Year Medical Student

"We have a lot of non-traditional students, people who worked before coming to medical school. When you're talking about a case, you have so many perspectives and opinions in the room, and people actually listen, respect and want to hear those opinions."
Read more about Meagan.

Briana Mancenido, Drexel MD Program Student

Briana Mancenido, 2nd Year MD Program Student

"I also liked how Drexel values early clinical exposure. I just finished my first year, and I already got to see patients a couple of times. I volunteered a lot at the student health clinics. That was a good way to practice what we learned in the classroom and apply it to real-life situations."
Read more about Briana.

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