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Molecular Medicine (MMED) How to Apply

The application cycle for the fall 2024 program is now open.

We hope that you are interested in joining the Master of Science in Molecular Medicine (MMED) program! The first step on that path is an application for admission. This page provides detailed information about admissions criteria, starting and completing an application, and what you can expect once the application has been submitted. This page is also your entry point for Drexel University's application system, which you will use to complete and submit your application.

If you still have questions about applying to the program after reviewing the information on this page, feel free to reach out to our academic administrator by phone or email.

If you are interested in applying to the online version of this program, click on the "Apply to the Online Program" button on the right side of this page to open the corresponding program page on the Drexel University Online website. Applications to the online program are completed through a separate application system. When you are ready to submit an application for admission to the online program, look for the "Apply" link in the left column of any program page on the Drexel Online site.

Admissions Criteria

To be considered for admission into the Master of Science in Molecular Medicine program, an applicant must have completed a four-year biology or chemistry-based BA or BS degree program with undergraduate coursework in biology, microbiology, immunology, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics, and/or other related subjects. Although a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 is strongly desired, an applicant with a lower cumulative GPA will be considered if other strengths are apparent in the application.

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Application Deadlines

The current application deadline for domestic applicants to the Master of Science in Molecular Medicine (MMED) program for fall 2024 is August 1, 2024. International applicants will need to submit a complete application no later than May 15, 2024. The deadline for the spring 2024 start is December 6, 2023. However, numerous applications submitted after the deadline (particularly from domestic applicants) have been considered in previous years.

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Applying to the On-Campus Program: Instructions and Advice

Once you have created your account and have started a new application, you may log in at any time as a returning user and work toward completing your application.

When you have added all of the required elements to your application (see "Required Components of a Completed Application"), please "Submit" your application, since this allows us to begin processing your application and associate incoming supplemental material with your account. If you have most (but not all) of the required components, you can still submit your application while you wait on the remaining application materials.

If you are interested in applying to the online version of this program, please visit the Drexel University Online site. Applications to the online program are completed through a separate application system. When you are ready to submit an application for admission to the online program, look for the "Apply" link in the left column of any program page on the Drexel Online site.

Note for international students: Certain visa types do not permit individuals to enroll in online or hybrid programs. Foreign applicants should check with their visa sponsors for eligibility. Drexel University cannot sponsor F-1 or J1 visas for individuals interested in online, hybrid, or part-time programs.

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Required Components of a Completed Application

To be considered for acceptance, an applicant must provide the following as part of a complete online application for admission. For details regarding the items below please review the Admission Application Instructions. Although standardized test scores are not required for admission to this program, they are highly recommended (see below).

Graduate Admission Application

Applicants may only apply to one program. All documents submitted by you or on your behalf in support of this application for admission to Drexel University become the property of the University, and will under no circumstances be released to you or any other party. Please note, an application fee of $75 U.S. is required.


Official transcripts must be sent directly to Drexel from all the colleges/universities that you have attended. Transcripts must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the college/university seal over the flap. Please note that transcripts are required regardless of number of credits taken or if the credits were transferred to another school. An admission decision may be delayed if you do not send transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. (See checklist)

TOEFL Scores (international applicants only)

Scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are required for international applicants or any applicants who have earned a degree outside the U.S. Section and total scores are considered when evaluating applicants for admission. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores may be submitted in lieu of TOEFL scores.

Essay/Personal Statement

Please write approximately 500 words explaining your reasons for pursuing a degree from Drexel; your short-term and long-term career plans; and how your background, experience, interest, and/or values, when combined with a Drexel degree, will enable you to pursue these goals successfully. Submit your essay with your application or through the Discover Drexel portal after you submit your application.


Upload your résumé as part of your admission application or through the Discover Drexel portal after you submit your application.

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required. To electronically request recommendations, you must list your recommenders and their contact information on your application. We advise that you follow up with your recommenders to ensure they received your recommendation request — they may need to check their junk mail folder. Additionally, it is your responsibility to confirm that your recommenders will submit letters by your application deadline and follow up with recommenders who have not completed their recommendations. Request recommendations with your application or through the Discover Drexel portal after you submit your application.

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Recommended Items for Submission

Contrary to the instructions on the Application Checklist page, standardized admission test scores are not required to apply to this program. They can, however, be submitted as part of a complete application package. Good standardized test scores from graduate and professional admissions exams can often make an application more competitive. Official test scores from the following exams will be accepted: Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Law School Admission Test (LSAT), or Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The school code for Drexel is 2194.

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What Happens After the Application Has Been Submitted?

An application must be complete before it is reviewed. Complete applications submitted by qualified applicants undergo a three-tier review process (below), which takes approximately one to two weeks to complete. Select applicants will be interviewed in person or through an online service such as Skype or Zoom. The most competitive applicants advance to the final stages of review.

Progress Step 1

Submission of Application

College of Medicine Admissions Office

  1. Receipt of electronic applications
  2. Distribution to program directors for 1st review and triage

Progress Step 2

1st Tier Review

MS Program Directors

  1. Interview of strong applicants
  2. Competitive applicants advance to 2nd tier review
  3. Notification sent to non-competitive applicants

Progress Step 3

2nd Tier Review

MS Program Advisory Committee

  1. Review of competitive applications and interview summaries
  2. Most competitive applicants are approved and advance to 3rd tier review
  3. Notifications sent to non-competitive applicants

Progress Step 4

3rd Tier Review

Division of Interdisciplinary and Career-Oriented Programs

  1. Final review of competitive applicants
  2. Final vote of approval

Progress Step 5

Acceptance of Application

Offer Letters Mailed

  1. Official letter of offer sent to approved applicants
  2. Offers are accepted by returning a signed copy of the letter, plus matriculation fee

A decision to accept you into the program will be made based on the sum of your undergraduate curriculum, cumulative GPA, standardized test scores, recommendation letters and relevant research or professional experiences.

If admitted into the program, you will receive an official letter of offer. To accept the offer, you must return a signed copy of the offer letter and a matriculation fee, which will be applied to the tuition for the first semester.

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Student Computer Recommendations

Students and staff are advised to purchase computers listed under "Small Business" or "Business" categories rather than from "Consumer" product lines. Please refer to the specifications listed in the Computer Buying Guide to gain the most longevity from your computer.

View Computer Buying Guide

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Financial Information

Students accepted into the program pay tuition rates set for studies in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and Professional Studies. For current costs associated with the program, go to Drexel Central. Click on "Tuition and Fee Rates," then "2021-2022 Tuition and Fees Rates." Choose "College of Medicine" and then "Full-Time" to find the current tuition and fees for each semester in a Biomedical Graduate Studies program. If you are entering the program as a part-time student (fewer than nine credits), click on "Part-Time" to view the tuition rate for each credit hour.

Financial aid is available from many sources, such as the federal government and private organizations, or from the University itself. Financial aid may take the form of loans, grants, scholarships, or part-time employment. For information on how you can finance your education, please visit Drexel Central.

Please be aware that the Drexel University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and Professional Studies does not provide financial aid to international master’s students. With a few exceptions, international students are not eligible for federal financial aid. Students should confirm their eligibility for financial aid with the Drexel University Financial Aid Office. We also encourage international students to investigate funding opportunities through their own governments or private organizations.

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