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Janssen-Drexel “4D” Fellowship Program

Diverse Silhouettes

“Diversity in Drug Discovery and Development” Fellowship Program

The “4D” Fellowship is a joint effort between Janssen Oncology and Drexel’s Pharmacology and Physiology Department to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the field of scientific research and drug discovery.

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson

The fellowship program is specifically designed to support underrepresented minority students as they complete coursework, conduct research, and prepare for a career in drug discovery and development. The fellowship will offer tuition coverage and a stipend for living expenses, and fellows will have the opportunity to conduct research at Janssen.

How to Apply

To inquire about Fall 2025 4D Fellowships, please contact Dr. Alessandro Fatatis (, chair of the selection and steering committee. Applicants must be accepted into a Drexel graduate program to be considered for this fellowship.

Eligibility criteria

Fellowship structure

  • Full tuition coverage
  • Living expenses up to $25,000/year
  • Thesis research at Drexel or Janssen labs
  • Career conversation with Janssen senior leaders
  • Potential for collaborative projects between Drexel and Janssen
  • Internship opportunities at Janssen

4D Fellowship News

4D Grad Continues Work at Janssen

Previous 4D Fellow and 2023 graduate Mohammed Sani Alhassan has been offered a permanent position as an Associate Scientist at Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Mohammed’s new position focuses on chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) screening in the Cell Therapy/Therapeutics Discovery division. Congrats, Mohammed!

Welcome 2023 Fellows

The Janssen-Drexel 4D Fellowship program welcomes 2023 fellows Melina Kazemi and Matthew Yohannes! Melina and Matthew comprise the third consecutive class of 4D fellows, continuing the program’s commitment to help diversify the biomedical sciences. Melina has enrolled in our Pharmacology & Physiology MS program, while Matthew enrolled in our Drug Discovery and Development MS program.

Janssen Day 2022

Janssen Day 2022

The newest class of 4D fellows participated in the second annual Janssen Day event, held at Janssen’s Spring House campus. The event brought together Janssen senior leaders to discuss their work in the oncology therapeutic area, from discovery research to clinical studies.

Congratulations 4D Fellows

The inaugural class of Janssen-Drexel 4D fellows successfully completed their first year in Drexel graduate programs, capping off a great start to their educational journey and to the entire 4D program. The occasion was marked by a 4D Fellowship event at Janssen’s Spring House facility, where the inaugural fellows presented their research progress and the incoming fellows introduced themselves to Janssen scientists. Read more.

Read more news.

Meet the 4D Fellows

Matthew Yohannes – 2023 Fellow

Matthew Yohannes - 2023 Fellow

Drug Discovery and Development – 1st year

“I am very grateful and appreciative of the fact that I was provided with an opportunity to become a Drexel-Janssen 4D fellow. This not only lowers financial barriers associated with graduate school, but it also provides excellent opportunities for professional development and a large network of experienced mentors and researchers in an industry setting. It also helps me engage with cutting-edge research opportunities that allow me to dive deep into oncology research and more fully engage in my educational pursuits.”

Melina Kazemi – 2023 Fellow

Melina Kazemi – 2023 Fellow

Pharmacology and Physiology MS program – 1st year
“With the help of my mentors, the Janssen-Drexel 4D fellowship has brought my long-held dream to reality by providing academic and financial support for pursuing my dream career. This opportunity has allowed me to contribute to cancer research and give patients a hope for the better. My goal is to create a world where cancer will no longer be the end of the road for cancer patients or a barrier to fulfilling their ambitions and creating the future they aspire to. It is time for cancer to be a thing of the past. I cannot wait to embark upon this exciting journey.”

Hieu Jeromy – 2022 Fellow

Hieu Jeromy - 2022 4D Fellow
Pharmacology and Physiology MS program – 2nd year
“I am pleased, honored, and humbled to be one of the fellows in the Janssen-Drexel 4D fellowship program. As a first-generation college student, an immigrant, and an only child from a low-income family household, this fellowship will help me to grow and support my education journey to find therapeutic cures for cancer patients in the future. I will strive to be the first person in my family to pursue advanced degrees and careers in both science and medicine. Thank you for the opportunity!"

Diego Jiménez Trejo – 2022 Fellow

Diego Jiménez Trejo - 2022 4D Fellow
Pharmacology and Physiology MS program – 2nd year
“The Drexel 4D Fellowship allows me to pursue opportunities of unparalleled professional development in the pharmaceutical industry by providing ample research experience, a large network of peers and remove the financial limitations a master’s degree has. With this fellowship I’m eager to dive deep into the area of cancer research and achieve my goals!”

Zoila Moreano Villena – 2022 Fellow

Zoila Moreano Villena - 2022 4D Fellow
Drug Discovery and Development MS program – 2nd year
“I feel honored to have been considered for the 4D Fellowship program. This opportunity will allow me to fulfill my dreams of being able to study cancer and its treatment in depth in a renowned pharmaceutical company such as Janssen. I am challenged to give my best in order to contribute to this field. Besides, I am grateful for the financial support; it will allow me to focus on my goals.”

Nicholas Wilson – 2022 Fellow

Nicholas Wilson - 2022 4D Fellow
Drug Discovery and Development MS program – 2nd year
“I am particularly enthused about the Janssen-Drexel 4D Fellowship as it will be crucial to my professional development in oncology drug discovery. Coming from a developing country like Ghana, this fellowship will provide me with cutting-edge research experience and mentorship which would have been almost impossible to get in my part of the world. I am grateful for the financial support this fellowship comes with and excited about the future. Thank you, Drexel. Thank you, Janssen.”


Alani Hairston – 2022 Fellow – 2023 Certificate

Alani Hairston - 2022 4D Fellow
Drug Discovery and Development program – 2023 Certificate
“How can we treat cancer without causing more harm? What can the environment give us to treat incurable diseases? This fellowship will provide me with the resources to answer these questions and many more, such as mentorship, state of the art laboratory facilities, and the ability to collaborate with peers will be an invaluable experience. I also will be able to establish myself and get a chance at a career where I can make a difference, represent my community and leave a legacy.”

Mohammed Sani Alhassan – 2021 Fellow – 2023 Graduate

Mohammed Sani Alhassan - 2021 4D Fellow
Pharmacology and Physiology MS program – 2023 graduate
“I am humbled and appreciative of the fact my dreams of becoming a clinical researcher will be achieved because of the Janssen-Drexel 4D fellowship. This program will help propel me into the drug discovery industry which bridges the gap between scientific experiments and the clinical use of drugs. I am excited and optimistic of this new journey.”

Desmond Lewis – 2021 Fellow – 2023 Graduate

Desmond Lewis - 2021 4D Fellow
Drug Discovery and Development MS program – 2023 graduate
“The Janssen-Drexel Diversity in Drug Discovery and Development fellowship will help me realize my goal of eliminating cancer by providing me with mentors and research experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The fellowship will also allow me to focus on my academics by providing full financial support.”

Celina Guzman – 2021 Fellow – 2023 Graduate

Celina Guzman - 2021 4D Fellow
Pharmacology and Physiology MS program – 2023 graduate
“This fellowship has given me an opportunity to dedicate myself to cancer research. It will allow me to achieve my goals, promote my professional growth, connect me to a large network of peers, and remove financial limitations. Now I can confidently serve as the first person in my family to go to graduate school and enter the field of science. Thank you!”

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Olimpia Meucci, MD, PhD

Olimpia Meucci, MD, PhD
Fellowship Executive Director
Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology & Physiology

Alessandro Fatatis, MD, PhD

Alessandro Fatatis, MD, PhD
Admission & Steering Committee Co-Chair
Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Physiology