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Institute for Molecular Medicine & Infectious Disease Research Seminar Series

The Institute for Molecular Medicine & Infectious Disease supports seminars for faculty, invited speakers and graduate students. The schedule for the Fall 2019 research seminar series is below.

For more information about upcoming seminars in the current schedule or in future schedules, contact Maryann Mendoza, administrative assistant.

Seminars take place on Wednesdays at 4 p.m., in the New College Building or on the Queen Lane Campus (room/hall indicated below).

August 28
NCB Geary Auditorium B

Identifying Predictive Patterns in Microbiome and Genomic Data Using Discrete Classification Mathematics

Speaker/Institution: Jeffrey Lapides, Drexel
Host: Garth Ehrlich

October 30

The Effect of HIV-1 Tat Genetic Variation on Neuropathogenesis Associated with Cognitive Impairment

Speaker/Institution: Cassandra Spector, Drexel
Host: Mike Nonnemacher


Past Seminars

January 25, 2017: Identifying Key Temporal and Taxonomic Bacterial Clusters in the Aging Microbiome
Speaker/Institution: Rob Beiko, Dalhousie U
Host: J. Mell

March 1, 2017: Applying 'Omics in the Discovery of Diagnosis and Prevention Strategies
Speaker/Institution: Mark Shirtliff, U of Maryland
Host: G. Ehrlich

March 29, 2017
Speaker/Institution: Sean Brady, Howard Hughes Medical Center
Host: J. Beld

April 26, 2017: Tackling the Tsunami of Drug Resistance
Speaker/Institution: David Fidock, Columbia
Host: A. Vaidya

May 10, 2017: Corrinoid Production and Utilization in Bacteria and Eukaryotes
Speaker/Institution: Amy Ma, Drexel
Host: G. Ehrlich

August 30, 2017: Unique Applications of Molecular Diagnostics for the Control of High Consequence and Transboundary Pathogens
Speaker/Institution: Jessie Trujillo, Kansas State University
Host: G. Ehrlich

September 27, 2017: B Cell Activation Versus Rabies Virus: A Race Against Time
Speaker/Institution: James McGettigan, Thomas Jefferson University
Host: J. Burns

October 25, 2017: Integration of the Bacterial Cell Cycle and Biofilm Formation
Speaker/Institution: Jason Heindl, University of the Sciences
Host: A. Ma

February 28, 2018: Defining HIV-1 Integration Architecture and Impact on Treatment/Cure Strategies
Speaker/Institution: Alexander Allen, Drexel University
Host: Mike Nonnemacher

March 28, 2018: Infectious Complications Following Prostate Needle Biopsy: An Increasing Problem With Need for Novel Solutions
Speaker/Institution: Jay Raman, Penn State University
Host: Brian Wigdahl

April 25, 2018: Towards Translational Evolutionary Biology Using the Lens of Genomics
Speaker/Institution: Vaughn Cooper, University of Pittsburgh
Host: Josh Mell

August 29, 2018: Hepatitis B Virus Replication: An Xquisite Balancing Act
Speaker/Institution: Michael Bouchard, Drexel University College of Medicine
Host: Michael Nonnemacher

September 26, 2018: A Fatal Case of Chronic Dengue Encephalitis
Speaker/Institution: Tory Johnson, Johns Hopkins University
Host: Michael Nonnemacher

October 31, 2018: Mechanisms of T Follicular Helper (Tfh) Impairment in Chronic HIV Infection
Speaker/Institution: Marita Chakhtoura, Drexel University College of Medicine
Host: Elias Haddad

November 28, 2018: Analyzing B Cell Responses to Vaccines, One Cell at a Time
Speaker/Institution: Adrian McDermott, NIAD, NIH
Host: Elias Haddad

January 30, 2019: Molecular Dissection of Horizontal Gene Transfer by Natural Transformation in Vibrio cholerae
Speaker/Institution: Ankur Dalia, Indiana University Bloomington
Host: Josh Mell

February 27, 2019: The MitoNEET Family: Novel 2Fe-2S Proteins That Mediate Cluster Transfer in a Redox and TZD-dependent Manner
Speaker/Institution: Patricia Jennings, University of California at San Diego
Host: Hangjun Ke

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Students walking down the hall at the Institute for Molecular Medicine and Infectious Disease at Drexel University College of Medicine.