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The Noguchi Lab Recent Thesis Projects

Alyssa Duffy, MCBG MS (2018)

Alyssa Duffy, MCBG MS (2018)

Thesis: The roles of Timeless in mediating actetaldehyde-induced DNA damage response and promoting esophageal carcinogenesis
Current position: PhD Student, Cancer Biology Program, Emory University

Baicheng Lin, MCBG MS (2018)

Baicheng Lin, MCBG MS (2018)

Thesis: Investigating acetaldehyde-induced DNA-protein crosslinks in esophageal cells
Current position: PhD Student, Biomedical Sciences Program, Medical University of South Carolina

Amber Theriault, Cancer Biology MS (2017)

Amber Theriault, Cancer Biology MS (2017)

Thesis: Investigating the role of Timeless in acetaldehyde-mediated DNA damage response and repair
Current position: Scientist, Immune-Oncology Division, Merck & Co.

Mihir Shetty, MCBG, MS (2015)

Mihir Shetty, MCBG MS (2015)

Thesis: Maf1-dependent transcriptional regulation of tRNA genes extends lifespan under calorie-restricted conditions
Current position: Researcher, University of Minnesota

Mariana Gadaleta, MCBG, PhD (2015)

Mariana Gadaleta, MCBG PhD (2015)

Thesis: Genome-wide analysis identifies contrasting effects of Swi1 deletion at difficult-to-replicate regions
Current position: Scientist, Hologic Inc.

Niyant Shah, MCBG, MS (2012)

Niyant Shah, MCBG MS (2012)

Thesis: Role of ChlR1 DNA helicase in replication fork recovery from DNA damage
Current position: Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline

Adam Leman, MCBG PhD (2011)

Thesis: The Timeless protein coordinates multiple pathways at the DNA replication fork to preserve genomic integrity
Current position: Scientist, Mimetics LLC

Tanu Singh, Biological Sciences MS (2009)

Thesis: The role of histone H4 acetylation in DNA replication and repair in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Fox Chase Cancer Center

Alison Scutti, MCBG MS (2007)

Thesis: The role of the alternative replication factor C complex RFCCtf18 in the replication checkpoint and sister chromatid cohesion
Current position: Biomarker Operations Specialist, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

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