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How to connect game consoles, streaming players and other devices in University Housing

DragonFly-Play is exclusively for use in Drexel Housing (including Greek and 34th Street Housing) for connecting game consoles, streaming appliances, smart TVs and other home entertainment devices.  The network does not exist outside of the Residence Halls.   

DragonFly-Play makes it easy to connect many home entertainment devices and appliances to the network.  DragonFly-Play does not require you to configure a Wi-Fi password to connect to the network. In addition to not needing to configure a password, in many cases it's not necessary for you to register your device.  See below for details.  

Devices That Are Automatically Identified

Devices that DragonFly-Play can automatically identify, such as  game consoles, Roku Players, most Amazon Echo devices, most  Apple TVs, and many Fire TVs, will be automatically connected to the network without requiring you to register the device.  For these devices you can follow the manufacturer's configuration instructions providing the network name  "DragonFly-Play" where necessary.  While you configure your device according to the manufacturer's instructions, if you are asked if you are at home or on a campus network, select the at home option.

If you have a game console or Roku player that is not automatically identified, it is suggested that you register it's Wi-Fi address, but please contact us so we can try to update this for future use.

Devices That Are NOT Identified

Devices you connect to the DragonFly-Play network that are not automatically identified will receive a message on their web/console display indicating the device's Wi-Fi address must be registered before it can successfully connect to the network.  This message will show the device's Wi-Fi address that must be registered and will include instructions on how to perform the registration. It's a good idea to record this Wi-Fi address, since you will need it in the registration process. 
Devices that don't have a display are often configured by a mobile app and in some cases the mobile app acts as the web/console or display. If your device doesn't have a display and it's not connecting to the network register it's address and try again. If you can't find the hardware address for your device, check with the user manual that came with your device or contact that manufacturer for assistance. 

Use this link to register your devices Wi-Fi address.  

Incompatible Devices

Many devices that are designed for use on home residential networks rely on service discovery (pairing) protocols based on broadcast or multicast network technologies which are not currently compatible with large University Wi-Fi networks including DragonFly-Play.  Although it is often possible to configure these devices to connect to the DragonFly-Play network, your phone or computer may not be able to discover (or find) your device even if both are connected to DragonFly-Play. 

Examples of such protocols include Apple's Bonjour (mDNS) software used by Apple Print software, Apple TV and other Apple products.   Apple TVs represent a special exception because of their support of Bluetooth. If you have Bluetooth enabled on both your phone (or computer) and on your Apple TV, your phone will find the name of your Apple TV over Bluetooth -- once selected on your phone, streaming between the devices will take place over the Wi-Fi Network.

Other devices that fall into this category include Apple Homepod, Google Home, many home lighting systems and many Chromecast devices. Check with the latest documentation provided by the manufacturer to see if they offer alternative discovery protocols that can make your device discoverable on a University network. 

Wireless Printers Are Not Supported

Drexel IT does not support wireless printing on the DragonFly wireless networks including DragonFly-Play. Instead it is suggest that you use a USB or Bluetooth connected printer.  

Note, public access to University printers and scanners is available in a number of locations including, Drexel IT's Tech Lounge, Drexel IT's Graphic Lab, Hagerty Library and the Westphal Print Center.   Check with your college or department to see if they offer additional printing locations.