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Analytics for Learn

Analytics for Learn (A4L) is a series of reports that are available to instructors within all courses in Drexel Learn.  These reports provide data about engagement metrics as compared to course outcomes and can be used to detect at-risk students.

The Basics

Analytics for Learn makes use of 4 key activity metrics

  • Accesses - Number of logins to a course
  • Interactions - Number of clicks in a course
  • Duration - Minutes spent in a course
  • Submissions - Attempts at first-party assess-able material (e.g. assignments, tests, surveys, discussions, blogs, journals, wikis)

A4L will also make use of the External Grade column from the Grade Center, allowing activity metrics to be compared to course performance.

Instructor Usage


There are 4 reports that instructors can access by going to Evaluation > Course Analytics.  Each of these reports can be drilled further into a Student at a Glance report.  Many of the reports will also provide a baseline average when looking at a course or a student record: course averages are calculated based on other courses in the same department/delivery method/term, student averages within a course are calculated based on the student population of the course.

  • Course at a Glance - Provides summary statistics about a course, including amount of content, a summary of student activity across time, and individual student activity metrics
  • Activity and Grade Scatter Plot - Shows the relationship between student accesses and course performance
  • Activity Matrix - Shows the relationship between student interactions and course performance
  • Submissions at a Glance - Provides details about student submissions within a course
  • Student at a Glance (drill down report) - Provides individual student activity metrics across time

Letting Students See Their Data

Instructors can allow students to view their own Student at a Glance report to monitor their own activity compared to the average student in the course.  To allow students to view their own data:

  1. Activate the Tool: Customization Tool Availability and check the box to select Course Analytics (Student Report).
  2. Make the Report Available: Add a Menu Item > Tool Item and select Course Analytics (Student Report).  As an example, this can be named "My Activity"

Student Usage

If your instructor has created a link to the report for you, you can access it via the "My Activity" (or whatever name the instructor has chosen) link on your Course Menu.  It is at your instructor's discretion whether this tool is made available within your courses.

The point of activity metrics is to inform you of your activity levels within the course.  While being active in courses is a good thing, it is not the determining factor towards course success.

Other Usage

Analytics for Learn is used in other capacities outside of courses.  Advisors have access to a report which allows them to help identify at-risk students.  Advisors can access training for their report via Career Pathway.

Training and Support

Questions about Analytics for Learn can be directed to the Instructional Technology Group at

A six-week online workshop series geared towards faculty usage is also offered at the beginning of most quarters.  Visit the IT Workshops page to see upcoming offerings and register via Career Pathway.