Summer DELTA

The Drexel Engineering Leadership Transformation Academy

Drexel Delta students listen to Dean Walker during summer program
Dean Sharon Walker speaking with DELTA students at Drexel

The Drexel Engineering Leadership Transformation Academy (DELTA) BRIDGE program is part of a deep commitment to foster a community that is welcoming and encouraging to people of all backgrounds at Drexel Engineering.

During the summer before their first year, students participate in a two-week residential program aimed at enhancing skills in math and science, introducing engineering design and professional development, as well as offering social activities that builds peer relationships.

As a participant, you will interact with peers and become acquainted with resources (including faculty and staff) on campus that will support your success in your first year and beyond. Your cohort of incoming students will start you off with connections that will be important throughout your student journey. DELTA will introduce you to your peer mentors and the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), with events and social gatherings throughout the year. Activities include DEI discussions, stress and time management workshops, professional development opportunities and fun events.

Our DELTA alumni remain very connected to their cohort throughout their time at Drexel. Alumni give back as program managers and volunteer as peer mentors to help the newest incoming group because it meant so much to them. The essence of DELTA is in building a sense of community with peers, fostering academic preparedness and awareness and to encourage active engagement throughout the student experience at Drexel's College of Engineering.

Why Summer DELTA:

Delta 2
  • Build sense of belonging and community with other scholars (both first year and upper-class)
  • Meet academic advisors and other key stakeholders to prepare for academic readiness
  • Mentorship pairing with other DELTA Alums
  • Explore Drexel campus and prime spots in Philadelphia
  • A VIBE!

Students share their thoughts about the program:

“I enjoyed meeting new people, making new friends and connections, and getting to know campus because these will all help me in the future and with my adjustment to college.”
“I liked building the solar car. I like doing hand-on type assignments because they help me learn.”
“All the activities that we did each day. It was good bonding and a great way to get to know each other. It was great to meet these people and become friends.”
“Making new friends and being able to build a new community. It’s nice to know a group of people going in so I have a strong support group to lean on later down the road.”
“The social aspect- I’ve got a head start on making friends and knowing where things are and have also made some great mentor connections!”

Terrance Harris
Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion or