Engineering Leadership Scholars

What is an Engineering Leadership Scholar?

Engineering Leadership Scholars are students that participate in a specialized critical thinking program designed to provide a competitive edge in the global economy. Students learn that the essence of leadership and innovation lies in the ability to communicate effectively, apply critical thinking and reasoned problem solving to any situation to produce tangible and measurable results. This is achieved through special courses, integration of curriculum, mentorship, seminars, and specialized co-op opportunities that is directed at developing the next generation of technological leaders.

Program Advantages

Unique course offerings that cover topics such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mentorship 
  • Leadership
  • Civic Engagement
  • Communication
  • Social activities with other Engineering Leadership Scholars and faculty members
  • Professional development opportunities, such as conferences and workshops
  • Participation in leadership discussions with co-op employers during co-op placements

By participating, students will develop the ability to:

  • Think critically and utilize a “big picture” approach
  • Develop their own leadership philosophy
  • Mentor freshmen students and share experiences
  • Engage with cohort of fellow leaders
  • Enhance oral and written communication skills

How Do I Become an Engineering Leadership Scholar?

Program applications open each year during the spring term, and interested students must complete an online application for consideration. The program is currently only open to current freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students in the College of Engineering. Seats are limited, and an interview will be required. Scholars must complete the following in order to be eligible for special distinction at graduation:

  • Completion of four (4) required courses:
    • EGMT 295 Survey of Mentorship (1cr)
    • EGMT 296 Survey of Leadership (1cr)
    • **Any one class from the Engineering Leadership minor (details coming soon)
    • EGMT 470 Capstone (2cr)
  • Serve as a mentor to freshmen engineering students
  • Participate in specified events and projects
  • Complete required 3 hours of civic engagement each term

Questions? Contact Rosie Sullivan at for more information