COVID-19 Research Awards

The College of Engineering congratulates those faculty whose coronavirus work is being aided by a grant from Drexel’s COVID-19 Rapid Research & Development Fund.

“COVID-19: Developing a PPE Facemask and Validating its Removal Efficiency”

Dr. Waring and Professor Dion’s grant will allow for enhanced filter removal testing for facemasks manufactured by the Drexel Center for Functional Fabrics.

“Biocontainment Intubation ‘Tent’: Design Refinement, Testing and Deployment”

Dean Walker is leading a team of researchers at Drexel, as well as physicians from the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) who specialize in otorhinolaryngology, in the design, testing, and production of an acrylic chamber to keep front-line medical professionals safe during aerosol generating procedures for COVID-19 patients. The design and testing is ongoing, with the goal of deploying the chamber at Penn hospitals as well as future deployments to other areas of the US and internationally.

“COVID-19: Design-Build Of ‘AJFlex Shield’ for Hospitals and Health Systems in the Philadelphia Region”

  • Dr. Amy Throckmorton (Biomed)
  • Dr. Michele Marcolongo (MSE)
  • Dr. Ellen Bass, College of Computing and Informatics

This grant serves to build upon the work this team began almost immediately when the COVID-19 crisis hit the Philadelphia area to engineer face shields using 3D printing to protect hospital workers during patient intubation.