MXene Research Selected as ACS Nano Editors’ Choice

Drexel Materials research on a new 2-D material that has the potential to transform energy storage has been getting significant attention in the research community.

ACS Nano Oct 2015 Cover
October 2015 cover of ACS Nano (image created by Babak Anasori)

The MAX/MXene and Nanomaterials Groups, led by Distinguished Professor Michel Barsoum and Distinguished University and Trustee Chair Professor Yury Gogotsi respectively, published an article online with lead author postdoctoral research Dr. Babak Anasori (PhD 2014) in ACS Nano in August detailing their discovery of “atomic sandwiches,” a new 2-D material that has the potential to create faster, smaller, more efficient energy storage, advanced electronics, and wear-resistant materials.

Published as the cover story in the October issue of ACS Nano, it was selected as an Editors’ Choice article by the American Chemical Society, selection of which is based on recommendations by the scientific editors of ACS journals from around the world. In addition, a Perspective article authored by a different research group appeared in the October issue and discusses the importance of this paper and how this work greatly expands the field of research on 2-D materials.

To visually explain their research into MXenes and “atomic sandwiches,” Anasori and his colleagues were asked by ACS Nano to create a video that has been posted to the American Chemical Society YouTube channel, ACS Nanotation.

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