Co-Op at Lockheed Martin Teaches Passion, Purpose

 Santiago Sosa stands in front of a Lockheed Martin sign

Santiago Sosa has learned two concepts during his time at Lockheed Martin: what it means to be an electrical engineer for a major global security and aerospace company; and the importance of having a passion for your chosen career.

Sosa says that he has always had an engineering mindset: carefully thought-out, with step-by-step problem-solving. “Mix that with a natural passion and curiosity for STEM, and I fell in love with engineering,” Sosa recalls. He started learning about robotics and applying mathematics and computer science to the real world, which led him to find his passion in electrical engineering.

When looking for his co-op, Sosa knew he wanted a job that could push him out of his comfort zone – something challenging and meaningful. “Lockheed Martin checks all those boxes [for me] as we pioneer in the defense industry and solve problems that keep people safe,” he claims.

Lockheed Martin saw the potential in Sosa and hired him as a Power Systems Engineer, with the responsibility to analyze, test, and enhance the hardware of the power systems behind radars. One notable radar he works on is the Space Fence Radar, where it’s his and the team’s responsibility to ensure that the system that powers the radar is running effectively.

Radars are one of Lockheed Martin’s biggest and most successful products, and Sosa knows his work is important. But he also needs to know that passion and meaning are behind it. Growing up as a child of Venezuelan immigrants, Sosa felt empowered to help those in less fortunate positions. “Working at Lockheed Martin allows me to solve meaningful problems to keep the world safer, and it has shown me that engineering allows me to do just that,” he says.

Now that Sosa has found his path, he’s learned an important lesson about choosing a career for life. “Passion is subjective to each individual in this world," he says. "Finding what that means for you is a journey everyone takes on their own, and this co-op has been one step in that path.”

Sosa is excited to bring the technical skills he’s learned on co-op back to the classroom, including experience with advanced circuits and data analysis. But he's even more excited that the experience has given him something even more crucial: “The lesson of following your heart and doing what you love, as that is a luxury that no material thing can buy.”

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