Ontological Knowledge Facets Supporting Materials Discovery

Project Description

Ontologies, as semantic knowledge structures, aid in standardizing, organizing, accessing, and using research data. Enabling technologies, along ontological structural rigor, have also transformed their use for computational and data-driven applications. Ontology-related research has advanced in biomedical research and is just starting to accelerate in the area of materials science. In this project, we are exploring a facet-oriented ontological analysis drawing on the property, structure, process relationships underlying materials science research. Students will work with researchers in Drexel University’s Metadata Research Center, connected with the NSF/ID4 (Institute for Data Driven Dynamical Design) project. Our test cases will include photochemistry and photoredox catalysis and metal-organic frameworks. We will work with the HIVE-4-MAT ontological application to display facets-oriented knowledge graphs that can provide insight into current discoveries and potential research directions.

Research Goals

  • Dissect selected ontological components into process, structure, and property features.
  • Test faceted ontological applications for data extraction
  • Produce knowledge graph visualizations

Learning Goals

  • Gain knowledge about ontologies and computational application of semantic knowledge structures, include semantic relationships
  • Develop skills working with Protégé (Stanford’s ontology application) to encode OWL (Web Ontology Language) exemplars for HIVE-4-MAT.
  • Obtain better understanding of material science data challenges and FAIR principles

Group Conducting Research